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Need new Hairstyles?¨ Well... you have come to the right place! Let´s face it, there isn´t a day that goes by when we don´t need to style our hair in some way...

We might just tie it up for a casual day at home or just for a quick visit to the local store.

Or... we can spend an hour making it picture perfect for a night out on the town. (Okay, maybe a few hours!)

It is funny to think about the actual amount of time we spend doing our hair, and not to mention our regular visits to the hair salon. (you know it's true)

And... this also includes you too men, I think my son's probably spend a good 45 minutes styling their hair for a night out with their girlfriends!


And... all our hair is really there for is protection, that's right just simple to protect us from the elements.

But... there is absolutely nothing wrong with making your hair stylish!!

So.. what do we do? - Perfect Hairstyles


Not all of us can afford to go the salon every week and have a coloring, cut and blow dry.

But... we can all spend a few minutes in the morning doing our hair right and making it look like we just stepped out of the salon. (because you worth it)

How many times in a week do we wake up and rush off to work and suddenly realise I am having a bad hair day? (I know I had a few!)

Unfortunately once you are at work already there isn´t much you can do about it. As you know your hair can either make or break our day...

It's funny how we can wear the best outfits, buy expensive jewelry, use brilliant cosmetics and have a make up artist, but if our hair is a mess we will just do not feel or look our best.

Our hair can be our "Worst Nightmare" or it can be our "CROWNING GLORY"

My Tips & Techniques - "Love Your Hair"

hair styling

So what do we need to do to get this mop of ours to look descent?

I have been in the hair industry for over 20 years and as a hairstylist, I have heard such funny comments from my clients describing their hair -

"I look like a golliwog!", "my hair looks a bit loud!", "check my roots!", "I have such oily hair!", "please put it into some kind of a style!" or "why is my hair orange?!"

I'm sure you might have said some of those words before?

That is exactly why I have created this website, to share my passion and experience about hair!! I know it is expensive to visit the salon and believe me I know how difficult hair styling can be...

So... the good news is, I will share all my secret tips and techniques with you. Not only on how to style your hair but also how to maintain it. (oh yes!)

Trust me it is a lot easier to style thick healthy hair as opposed to damaged and lifeless hair!

Say good RIDDANCE to frizzy, dry and damaged hair!! And... say hello to Fabulous Hair Days!!

What´s on Bella Capelli Hairstyles?

"Bella Capelli" means "beautiful hair" in Italian, this site is based on exactly that. How to get beautiful hair. It Shares...

  • Our favorite hairstyles (both men & woman)
  • Your hair "must do's"
  • Best hair products and styling tools
  • How to cut and color your hair at home (yes, it can be done)
  • New and trendy hairstyles (what´s hot & what's not)
  • Greatest tips on keeping your hair healthy (you'll see why this is so important)
  • New and exciting hair color ideas
  • My free styling tips (oh goodie!)
  • Fun ponytail ideas
  • And much much more!

Come back and visit us often. Or..

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So... enough chit chat, have a seat while I get my Scissors...

This Month's Hair Transformation:

Great hair transformation, we wen't a bit short but it definitely. Love the rich color...

For more great transformations be sure to check out hairstyles before and after.

If you had new color or a new cut, please share with us and we will feature it on Bella Capelli  Hairstyles.

Bella-Capelli News

Congratulations to my client Nikita Hayward who was recently crowned ‘Miss Italy South Africa 2012′ at an event in Johannesburg.

Miss Italy South Africa

She will go on to represent South Africa at the Miss Italia nel Mondo pageant later on this year.

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Hairstyling Before and After 2015

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