"What Causes Hair Loss"

Oh my, its really scary when ones hair starts to fall out or is thinning for no apparent reason. What does one do if you can see that your hair is just getting thinner and thinner?

Firstly go and do a full medical check- up, ones thyroids and a person’s diet can have allot to hair falling. Starvation diets are not good either.

The pill, giving birth, changes in your body like hormones and also shock can do a lot to our hair and also chemo therapy. Once you have fathomed what the cause is of your hair thinning (also can be hereditary) specially men.

Like say to yourself, was my mother’s father bald, if the answer is yes then chances are you will also go bald but really don’t panic. There is a lot of products on the market that can help with your thinning hair and balding process. 

Get your iron level checked as well cause that is a major cause. Folic acid helps to build up your iron level. If it’s a hereditary problem then you really need to start using very good products on your hair and scalp to maintain that perfect balance.

This will not completely stop the balding process but it will drastically slow it down. So take all your vitamins, exercise regular, try your best to stop smoking and all in all try to maintain a healthy life style. Also try to go a little bit every day out into the fresh air.

Don’t use any heavy gels on your scalp as this can block the hair follicle as our skin is semi permeable, also things like heavy hair sprays or perfume will cause an imbalance on the acid mantle which is a protective lining we all have. It’s something we can’t see but it is there.

Diet is key to healthy hair, make sure you are eating loads of vegetables. A good way to consume your daily needs is by juicing. Check out Vegetable Juicing Recipes for tasty juices. 

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