"Weave Ponytail"

Are you looking for great weave ponytail styles? Take a look at these stylish and feminine weaved ponytail styles.

Weaved ponytails can look stunning when done correctly! It goes back in time to the days of the Roman Empire where the hair was weaved but also braided.

Weave Ponytail

Nowadays you see the style a lot in Africa and America. Weaving ponytails and braiding them is really in at the moment!So how does one go about getting a weaved ponytail?

Well... it sounds more complicated than it really is. With a bit of practice and a bit of thread or string you can get fun unique styles.

Weave Ponytail Diane Kruger

Choosing your Style - Weaved Ponytail

Look at pictures and see what style you would want and make sure it will suit your hair type.

For instance if your hair is fine and slightly thin, try using a finer thread rather than using a something thick.

If your hair is quite thick than you can use something a lot thicker and stronger.

There are many styles to choose from, you can go for the option of having it pulled back very tight.

You can have it where your hair is flat against your scalp or done loosely depending on your preference. A ponytail weaved can be done on curly or on straight hair, YAY!

Try teasing your hair before you weave it, this will make it easier to sow the thread through and make it stay in place also use a bit of hairspray. Hairspray will hold it place for you as clean hair can tend to be very slippery.

The pony also can be placed in any direction, high or low, one side or both sides. Get creating and try bringing in a bit of plating on the sides.This will make the weaving much easier to do because remember you need something to attach the thread to.

You can also try use nice looking clips or elastics to enhance the threading or to make it easier to do if you not an expert at doing it!

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