"Shoulder Length Hairstyles"

Shoulder length hairstyles are not only stylish and fresh but they are easy to mange! Shoulder length haircuts are very popular at the moment as they look funky and fresh.

So why shoulder length hair? Well... apart from looking great, it also makes you look younger and if that is not enough to change your mind it is quick and easy to style!

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles can either be one length or different lengths and be layered. It can also be slightly cut funky and colored of if your prefer neat and tidy.

I have mid length hair most of my life, I guess the reason being is if your hair is too long it can drag you down and become expensive and time consuming to manage. Very short hair can be bit masculine and not too popular among the males.

So... a shoulder length style is probably the best. It is short enough to make it easy to style in the morning and long enough to look great for the men.

Give it a try, below are some trendy shoulder length haircuts been shown off by famous celebrities. Use them to get ideas for your next visit to the hair salon.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles

All these below styles are great for everyday use or for your next flashy formal event. Speak to your stylist about what style would suit you best.

Shoulder Length Cut

1) Classy & Elegant

This is a great shoulder length style!

It will always look up-to-date and will without a doubt turn a few heads.

Looks great with all hair colors and will suit any event.

You could go for a highlighted look like in the picture or have your hair a one color tone.

Make sure you hair is clean and keep it in place with a bit of hair spray.

Shoulder Length Hair

2) Sweet & Pretty

Looking for something fresh and new?

Well, then this is the style for you. Similar to the style above but it is more relaxed and more of an everyday style.

Have it either highlighted or two toned, either way it is going to look great!

More and more celebrities are opting for this cute shoulder length hairstyle and you can clearly see why.

Definitely give this one a try!

Shoulder Length Haircut

3) Sexy & Stylish

Another popular shoulder length haircut and it easy to see why.

This style will look great having it everyday to work or a one off classy evening event.

It will look great with all hair colors not just blonde.

You can opt to have it a one tone color or highlighted like in the picture.

The curls are quite easy to do and hold it together with a bit of hairspray.

Shoulder Length Haircuts

4) Trendy & Free

Similar to style above but this style looks best with highlighted hair.

It is less curly and more shaggy.

This is a great shoulder length style for everyday use.

As you can imagine it is easy to manage and even easier to style in the morning.

What makes this style so great is the fact the hair needs to look messy, so don´t worry if it looks out of place. It´s supposed to...

Shoulder Length Hairstyle Dark Hair

5) Neat & Fresh

This is a fun style and is great to make you look younger.

Have your fringe brushed back and your side bits brushed dow to your shoulders.

A perfect style for your everyday use and as you can see very popular and trendy.

It will great with light blonde or even highlighted hair.

Great choice if you are looking for a style that is easy to manage and style!

Shoulder Length Hairstyle Katy Perry

6) An Oldie but a Goodie

This style will be around forever, if it was good enough for Cleopatra 1000´s of years ago, it is good enough for us today.

This style will always look best with dark hair and you could use this style everyday or to a classy evening event.

Look striking and sophisticated at the same time!

You have to try this style at least once, who knows it might become your favorite too.

Shoulder Length Haircuts

As you can see from the above pictures that shoulder length hairstyles still look amazing even though your hair is short.

Whether your hair is curly or straight, black or blonde, tied up or down there is so more you can do with shoulder length hair then any other length haircut. Well... that is my personal opinion.

Check your latest fashion magazines to give you a few ideas, they will have many different types of styles showing you the different lengths.

Ask your stylist as well for a brilliant cut that you can manage at home because there is no use having a style thats impossible for you to manage!

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