Short Hairstyles Round Faces

Short Hairstyles Round Faces - what short hairstyle do you go for if your face is round? Your hair is your best asset and the right styling can change your whole look. Which style do you choose?

First and foremost the biggest tip I can give is to keep your hair relatively long if you have a round face.

short hair round face

You need to create the illusion of length in your face, by having long straight hair coming down each side of your head it will make your face appear more oval.

This creates the look of elongation which gives a round face the appearance of more dimension. 

Think of it like wearing a dress with vertical lines it will always make you look thinner.

Your hair can work the same magic with your face! (Told you your hair is your best asset!)

But... there are a few great short styles that will look great if you have a round face.

Short Hairstyles Round Faces

short hairstyles round face

Okay ladies so what we are trying to do is to create length in the face. 

Some would normally say stay away from bobs as they tend to accentuate the roundness of the face.

Sometimes though a very square, straight and blunt cut can work wonders and make you face appear more elongated. 

In some ways, we could agree with this statement and we could disagree as there are no definite rules when it comes to your crowning glory. (Find what works!)

Do what suits you as a person and what you feel comfortable with.

It amazes me how an absolute no no style can look amazing on someone when all the rules tell you it won't!

Another great look is a shoulder length hairstyle! They tend to work brilliantly and really flatter a round face.

Short Hairstyle Round Face

What you want to do is add different angles to your hair and a bit of asymmetry. The last thing you want to do is add body to the sides of your hair. Rather keep the sides of your hair as flat and straight as possible. 

Another great tip would be to add layers to your short style and the top of your hair a bit of body.

This look from the back will look as though your hair is short but from the front have your hair slightly longer.

This style looks great on young woman with round faces. 

The trend nowadays is a pixie hairstyle or quite a messy look. This looks great if you have a round face and want to keep your hair relatively short. 

Soft curls, chopped and feathered will also work with a round face and it will give you that young fresh look. You can choose to opt for curly or straight it all depends on your hair type.

For instance, if you have very thick curly/wavy hair, go for a look that will suit your round face and will be easy for you to manage at home. You wouldn't want to spend hours a day straightening your natural curly hair!

Styling No No's - Short Hairstyles Round Faces

As with everything there are always exceptions to the rules but these are general guidelines for you to get your perfect look..

  • Don't get the Purdy round cut (will make your face look even rounder!)
  • Stay away from Bobs, proceed with caution.
  • Don't go to short, avoid your hair coming to your jaw line!
  • Avoid having loads of body on the sides of your head
  • Stay away from neat and tidy styles (messy, asymmetry or surfer look is the order of the day)

Short Hairstyles Round Faces

A hairstyle can either make or break your look, extreme makeovers have proved this!

So take your time, go through the fashion mags and find the right pics similar to your same facial shape! Take the pics to your stylist and they can advise on what will work for you...

The different facial shapes are square, round and oval. They say that an oval facial shape can have just about any hairstyle! (Lucky them)

A square face should have a round layered look and the round going for square look. So keeping it simple, have your hair the opposite of the shape of your face...

This lays down too many strict ground rules, rules were meant to be broken especially when it comes to your own personal taste and style.

And remember... have fun! Some of the most beautiful woman in the world have round faces!

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