Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

You were born into this world with fine hair, usually fine hair is hereditary like if your aunty has fine hair or your dad has fine hair, you could be born with it.

Not always the case, bad diet, the birth control pill, other medications, chemotherapy, thyroid problems and having babies can all effect the thickness of your, even osteoporosis, medication that makes your bones strong can weaken the thickness of your hair.

A lot of people don’t realize that taking medication has different side effects and that even when you take an aspirin it can come out in a strand of hair under analysis.

But say you were just born with fine hair, you have tried all the vitamins and nutrients to thicken your hair from inside like wheat germ to wheat germ oil. Vitamin E and  checking your iron level. Yes, if your iron level is low it can make your hair thinner.

What do you do, well, there are plenty of hair products on the market to help plump up your style, like for instance there is the Body Full shampoo and conditioner.

This provides anti-gravity volume for fine/flat hair and the conditioner is a weightless ends detangler for flat hair.

So if you feel your hair is falling flat and limp which is usually the case for fine hair then make sure your are working with the right products. Also use a light moisture shampoo and conditioner for fine limp hair as this will not weigh your hair down and will allow for volume.

Styling aids are also very important for short fine hair. There are products on the market called Fat Cat and Root Full which will boost up a short hair and give it body.

Ask your hairdresser to advise you on what the best products are available from your local salon, yes they are a bit more expensive but well worth it. 

If you are struggling with your hair being long and fine, it’s not doing anything but hanging then maybe go for a really nice short hair cut. Chop it all off, go short and feathered, this is easy for you to manage.

The short bob all one length is a very good option as well. Short in the nape tapering up to your crown and assending down towards your jaw line.

Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair - Top 15

1) Very Short Pixie Cut Bob

Fine hair short hairstyles

Victoria Beckham has made this hairstyle infamous!

It's clear to see why though, it looks stunning on her.

It gives her a fresh sophisticated look!

Perfect for a formal function as well as just look great each and everyday...

When you try out this style make sure your hair is relaxed and slightly messy.

A short messy hairstyle works superb for woman with fine hair!

Definitely one you should try out, just might be that game changer you have been looking for...

2) Messy Bob

Hairstyle fine hair messy

This style is a bit more free and relaxed!

Not only does it look good, it works wonders with fine hair as with the hair being messy it gives it added volume and texture.

By keeping your hair messy it will make your hair appear fuller and give it added texture.

Use a touch of hairspray to keep your hair in place.

But... your still want your hair to have movement.

Perfect style for summer time and for rocking out the beach!

3) Asymmetry Cut Bob

Hairstyles for fine hair asymmetry

An asymmetric haircut also looks really good if you have fine hair.

This style has almost an 80's look to it but it still looks new age.

Here it is about keeping your hair straight and combed neatly.

Great style for a fun night out on the town or even an everyday look!

Just great if your looking for a cut that is a little different.

Definitely give this style a try, speak to your stylist as this might just be the perfect look for you!

4) Short Bob

Hairstyles for fine hair Natalie Portman

A beautiful classic look that will make every mans head turn!

This style never goes out of fashion and how amazing does it look on Natalie?

Definitely a hairstyle you got to try, it works great if you have fine hair.

This is probably one of the easiest styles to manage and up keep.

Great for a summertime holiday or your everyday office look...

You just can't go wrong with this classic style!

5) Medium Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for fine hair messy pixie

If you looking for something a little longer then this might be the style for you.

As before an asymmetrical cut works perfectly for fine hair, it makes the hair more vibrant and healthy looking.

The key is to have it messy on the top this give your hair more volume and makes your hair appear less fine.

Also add a few highlights to your hair to give it amazing contrast...

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is out of the norm, then this is the look for you!

6) Middle Path Medium Bob

Short Hairstyle fine hair middle path

Another amazing style if you have fine hair and want the right short cut.

I know quite a few woman who try stay away from having a middle path in their hair...

But... with this short cut it works really well

This is the perfect style if you want something alluring and sophisticated!

Highlights look great with this cut as it gives your hair some vibrance. 

This hairstyle works great if you have fine hair but you still want to look red hot to the opposite sex...

Just great for the ladies out there who like to ooze elegance.

7) New Age Bob Cut

short hairstyle for fine hair bob

If you want that urban modern look, then this is the style for you!

It is a little edgy and has major poise! 

This style works magnificently well if you have you fine hair.

The asymmetry of the  cut and messiness of the top give your hair a lot more body!

You will for sure have all the boys chasing you with this striking look...

8) Short & Straight 

short Hairstyle Layered fine hair

I know some ladies don't like short hair and you if you are looking for a style that incorporates longish length hair then why not give this a try?

When having fine hair you want try keep your hair relatively short as the longer it gets the more unhealthy it will look.

This style has just the right length to work well if you have fine hair.

It's a good idea to your hair messy to make it appear thicker.

I know most men think this hairstyle is downright beautiful! 

9) Classic Bob

Short Hairstyles fine hair short bob

The classic bob always works it magic and looks just splendid.

How amazing does it look on Katie.

A bob works really well if you have fine hair and it's a style you have to try at least once!

It's a very fashionable look and always looks up to date..

I always think the classic bob haircut is such a delightful hairstyle and will always give you that standout look...

Be the dominant force in your office!

10) Short & Alluring 

Short Hairstyles for fine hair pixie

When I saw Charlize with this cut, I fell in love instantly.

I know it's quite short but how sexy does it look?

There is definitely something very sensual and seductive about a woman with short hair...

If you like your hair quite short then this is the style for you!


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