"Short Hair Cuts"

Are you looking for fashionable short hair cuts. Short hairstyles seem to be more and more popular among us ladies. Good short haircuts are easy to manage and look amazing! 

Short cuts are becoming very funky these day, from clean shaven to a shaggy funky cut. There are just to so many to choose from, so which one do you choose?

Short Hair Cuts

So... we have decided we want to go short but do we go neat and conservative, or funky and fresh?

A short hair cut is a good change from your longish hair and can make you years look younger. We just need to choose the style that will compliment us the best.

We also have to keep up with the times and have a new modern look. For instance look at Ellen DeGeneres, she has had great short cuts which could look great for all woman.

Even a short shaven look can look good on some of us, look at Demi Moore when she shaved her hair on a number one level!

I wouldn´t recommend it to my clients as I think it is a little short for a lady. Sometimes it can look quite strange, almost alien in a way. But she sure did stand out from the crowd, didn´t she?

It was very noticeable, I think it looked good as it brought out her facial features and not to mention very unconventional and very unusual!

I am not say go and shave your head now, but a short cut can look amazing when done right. Let´s look at the options...

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Hair Short Style

Hair Short Style

1) Fresh & Modern

Turn a few heads with this hair short style!

It is quite a popular choice among young celebrities and it's clear to see why.T

his style will look great for everyday use as well as formal evening events. Just have the style a little bit neater for night events.

As you can see this style looks great with light blonde hair but it looks just as good with dark hair.

short hair cuts

2) Striking & Trendy

If you are looking for something different and completely out of the norm, then this could be the short style for you.

The key to the success of this style is having your hair cut at different lengths.

You need to keep your hair shaggy and messy, this style doesn't suit a clean look.

This style will look great on blonde or dark hair!

Short Hair Style

3) Clean & Beautiful

This style is similar to the above but it is more conservative.If you are looking for short hair cuts less striking then this maybe the style for you.

Use this style for day to day activities including formal evening events.

You could opt for the highlighted look like Jessica did in the picture or you could have dark hair, either way it will look great!

Short Hair Styles

4) Young & Sexy

One of the more popular styles and a definite must if you are in your 30´s.

I know it is a bit short but it is still very lady like and is very popular among the men.

You will definitely stand out with this one and it is a big change if you have had longish hair your whole life.

But you know what they say change is as good as holiday!

Short Hair Cuts

5) Smart & Pretty

Very easy haircut to style in the morning and manage.

Just be sure to keep it funky and messy!

This is one of my favorite short hair cuts at the moment! The reason being is itas it looks so funky and beautiful.

A great style for a classy evening event and for everyday activities.

It will look great on light blonde or highlighted hair!

short hairstyle cut

6) Classy & Stylish

Another really short style but it looks really good on most woman.

You can really show of your pretty face and your facial features with this one.

It looks really classy and sophisticated but sexy at the same time.

Most woman are a little hesitant to try a style this short but if you don´t try it you will never know if it will suit you or not.

Speak to your stylist about a suitable short haircut for you and see what they suggest. Remember you don't have to be drastic to get a brilliant short cut.

Go for a modern short cut which in today's day and age is messy and untidy almost like that out of bed look.

The men go crazy for that ruffled up look!

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