Semi Permanent Hair Color

What is semi permanent hair color? Find out the difference with permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair dye. 

This information will give you more insight next time and a better understanding of the hair colors terms.

Hair dye nowadays has become really advanced that even professionals like hairdressers can end up misunderstanding the different types and various terms.

Just as one persons red is another person fuschia, so one hairstylists semi permanent can be another’s demi-permanent.

Color terms are often confused with one another and can lead to miscommunication between the client and hairstylist, or even between hairdressers themselves.

This leads to the client not getting the desired end result! Something us hairdressers try achieve every time.

Semi Permanent Hair Color

Permanent Hair Color

Also known as tinting or dying! The hair dye will most likely contain ammonia or at least an ammonia substitute, and is mixed with peroxide developer.

I know these terms can be confusing but the major factor you must consider is are you allergic to any of the ingredients?

Peroxide and ammonia are extremely strong chemicals and if left on your hair too long can cause damage.

The peroxide is the ´developer´ and the ´developer´is what activates the chemical process which lifts the cuticle of your hair and removes the natural hair pigment.

While the cuticle covering your hair is lifted, permanent color is deposited under the cuticle. After the color is activated, the cuticle closes and the color stays inside which gives the hair it´s new vibrant color.

When going lighter in hair color permanent hair dye is essential and whether you are covering intense grey and just coloring your hair the color will start to fade anywhere from 3 - 8 weeks.

You will start to get that aweful regrowth which we all absolutely hate, this is what pulls you straight back to the salon.

Permanent color has to be maintained with either more permanent color over the top or a demi-permanent to refresh the color.

Like with everything the better the quality of the product, the more expensive it will be...

Semi Permanent Hair Color

The difference now is the hair dye will not contain ammonia and will not be mixed with a developer like peroxide. So the color is on the outside of the hair...

Semi-permanent hair color should be applied directly from the bottle or with a tint brush.

The hair cuticle is not lifted (because no developer is used) so your existing hair color isn't lifted.

This color will usually last up to four to six shampoos depending on how much you are in water.

For example if you are a swimmer, the chlorine will drastically strip that color right out.

Semi-permanent hair dye is used for color changes, adding shine to your hair, or for temporary color changes like dyeing your hair bright blue to go to a party.

If you are looking to change color but are not sure as to whether it will suit you, rather do a semi permanent hair color first. If you are happy with the results then do a permanent tint.

That way you get to see first what you look like and there is room to change without damaging your hair.

Permanent Hair Color

Demi-Permanent (Also known as tone-on-tone)

Demi-permanent hair dye contains no ammonia but is mixed with an activator or developer like peroxide.

The activator lifts the cuticle of your hair slightly so color deposits in and under the cuticle but does not lighten the hair.

This color will last a bit longer than semi-permenant usually around 18 to 20 shampoos.

It will fade gradually and eventually washes out to your original hair color.

Demi-permanent is usually used for toning, changing tone, filling in highlights or going darker.

This is a good way of temporarily changing your hair to try something new. Also it is recommended to use this coloring method if your hair is damaged.

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