"Red Hair and Freckles"

Natural red hair and freckles is a beautiful gift from nature. If you are looking to color your hair red or just looking to maintain it.

Check out these great tips and red hair facts. Majority of the population has dark hair, then a smaller number have light blonde hair and then a small amount have red hair and freckles!!

When we were at school in our young days, the kids would always joke about a red head student.

I think it´s because it is so different and unique.

But now being a hair stylist, I honestly think there is nothing more beautiful than the natural red head and freckles look.

Such a small amount of the population has red hair and I think if you are one of the lucky ones, you really need to flaunt it!!!

red hair and freckles

I come across teenagers always wanting to hide their natural hair color, whether it be red, blonde or brunette. They try and cover the beautiful natural color with something unnatural. My advice to you and to them is, don´t try and hide it but rather enhance it...

Red Hair and Freckles - Links

Irish Red Hair - Have you ever wondered what causes people to have the red hair gene? Why is it that Northern and Eastern Europe have the highest percentage of Red Heads? Check out this page to find out why...

Red Hair Galleries - It's a red hair epidemic, famous actresses and people are dyeing their hair red. Be sure to have a look through these pictures of red hair beauties!

Models with Red Hair - There isn´t many of them but be sure to check out this page, where I chose my top 5 famous models with red hair. If you are in two minds about coloring your hair red, then this age might just tip you over the fence!

Red Hair Coloring Tips - Red Hair and Freckles

  • Firstly take a good look at your complexion, a reddish complexion unfortunately does not go well with red hair. It doesn´t seem to fit, I recommend to my clients with a reddish complexion avoid red hair.
  • If you have striking green or blue eyes, it is a great idea to color your hair red. The red will bring out the green and blu in your eyes and make it more prominent.
  • Choose the right shade of red, be sure to consult it with your stylist. Maybe try something subtle like a cherry cola color, which is a mixture of brown and red but more brown. The color looks great and is just with that hint of red.
  • There are so many red shades to chose from. You get the wine red, the copper reds. Papaya is quite a popular choice, it is a light copper red. Then the more deep reds are Paprika which is a level 5 and a Bon-fire which is a bright red at level 6.
  • If you are looking for a bright red color, choose either the Sun Fire, Flame, Rocket Fire or Lava. All look amazing and give you that striking red look.
  • For more subtle brown red, choose Manzanite, Mulberry and Mahogany color dyes. These will give your brown hair a lovely hit of dark red.
  • On the other end of the scale you can go for a really bright and strong red. What I do in my salon to really get a striking and stand out red is add a´red kicker´in the dye mixture. This will make your hair turn out like wow and you will really turn heads.
  • Be careful coloring your hair red if you have blonde hair. Because your hair is light the red can sometimes unfortunately make your hair turn pinkish. This can happen if you have highlights as well. I had a client who was blonde like Marylin Monroe and she decided to go red. I told her I will not color her hair red because she wont like the way it comes out. Anyways. she went to another salon they colored her hair red and she came back crying to me to get her natural blonde color back. So the blondes please be careful.

Red Hair

Maintaining Colored Red Hair

Unfortunately red color can fade out your hair quite easily compared to other color hair dyes.

To keep it that shimmering red, make sure you use a good anti-fade shampoo and conditioner.

Most good stores stock decent shampoos and conditioners to protect your hair from fading.

If you like me and love the outdoors then your color can be in danger of fading rapidly.

Being in the sun, swimming a pool and the sea can strip your lovely red color.

I always recommend my clients who are on holiday not to wash their colored hair everyday but every second day. That way your hair will keep the color for longer.

So... what if your red color adventure turns out not the way you expected and you are really unhappy with the results?

Well... my advice, don´t strip the color out your hair as it can be quite damaging. The best thing to do is use a color shampoo to counter act the red. Use your cool tones like metallics, blues and violet ash.

Remember once you colour your hair red, you may need to change a few clothes in your wardrobe to match the color. Also, you might need to tweak your make-up to go with the red locks.

Red hair is striking, you are definitely going to stand out with your new look.. You can stand out in a crowd and its also a very very warm tone. Great in the winter months and not to mention sexy.

Famous Red Heads - Red Hair and Freckles

Napolean Bonaparte

The little general, Napolean Bonaparte, is depicted in portraits and paintings with dark hair peeling out under his black bicorne, howerer, in truth he was a’ red’ Pasted against his scalp, his lanky, dark reddish blonde hair ontrasted with his sallow shin tone, giving the illusion of being darker

Lucille Ball

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead. – Lovable comedienne, Lucille Ball, had natural chestnut coloured hair but colored it flaming red in 1943, when MGM signed her to appear in a musical opposite Red Skelton and Gene Kelly.

Rita Hayworth

Legendary 1940s hollywood “Love Goddess” Rita Hayworth endured painful electrlysis on her hairline in order to broaden her forehead. Due to her spanish ancestry she had a very low hairline and dark hair, but becoming a redhead made her a cultural icon and the ultimate femme fatale.

Prince Harry

British legend has it that King Arthur had red hair, and that a red haired leader would come to lead the country in times of trouble. Flame-haired Queen Elizabeth ! and auburn-headed Winston Chruchill were thought to be answers to this legend. So, move over William, the country needs ‘rusty’ Prince Harry.

Linsay Lohan

What can we say...... Linsay Lohan is an extreme redhead. Unpredictable, sexy and wildly independent, this girl sizzles. She’s tried going darker and is currently lighter but her natural titian tresses are her true color in every sense.


Okay, so Riri isn’t a natural redhead but we have to admit that pop diva Rihanna has recetly become just as famous for her chilli-cherry colored hair as she is for her chart-topping voice and epic performances.

Some legendary celebrities are as famous for their hair as they are for their various abilities and talents. Many of them owe their fame to their locks and have inspired generations of fans to copy the look.

Red Hair and Freckles Facts

  • Red hair is caused by a genetic mutation.
  • People with red hair and freckles are considered have a bit of a temper. This is a actually a complete myth.
  • Up to thirty percent of woman who dye their hair at home, chose to go red.
  • A study found that the sale of red hair dye kits have gone up by seventeen percent in the last few years.
  • Highest number of redheads are found in Northern Europe. With Ireland and Scotland having the highest percentage or natural redheads.
  • People with red hair and freckles will not turn grey when they get older. The red hair will turn into a beige color and then go white.

Be sure to check back for my red hair and freckles updates, I will be recommending good red hair dyes, color safe shampoo and conditioners.

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