"Prom Short Hairstyles"

Are you looking for great prom short hairstyles? Check out these great short prom hairstyles. Prom night is everything and it all starts with a great hairstyle!

If you want to be different and stand out, then go with a short hair style. You will not only look great but you will stand out from the crowd.

Here are two great short hairstyles I recommend to my young clients who have short hair.If you have longish hair, be sure to check out Prom Hair Long Styles.

Prom Short Hairstyle

1) Short & Elegant Prom Style

This style is a real winner, it is easy to do and looks amazing on the night.This prom style is quite a popular choice among young girls with short hair. It looks good with almost all face shapes!

You can prepare this style without the help of a professional and you will be most talked about girl at the prom and among all the prom photo´s for years to come.

What is so great about this stunning style is you able to dance freely and not worry at all about your hair spoiling.

Here are the steps:

Step 1
Just like all the above styles you want to start off with clean hair, so make sure you shampoo and condition your hair before hand.

Step 2
Blow dry your hair until it is completely dry. Run through your favorite hairstyling cream or simply use hair spray to get the desired look. Don´t use to much and make your hair sticky, use just enough so the hair stays in place but still moves freely.

Prom Short Hairstyles

2) Fun & Funky Prom Short Hairstyle

If you want to be bold and outrageous then this is the style for you.

I always have girls asking me for a different and unique prom hairstyle.

You want to be different and you want to stand out. Like I said before that is perfectly alright.

This style is easy to do and looks not only funky but beautiful to.

I will recommend doing these funky colors with short hair.

Here are the steps:

Step 1
Wash your hair thoroughly, use a good shampoo and conditioner. Rinse off well and blow dry your hair. The color always blends in better with clean hair.

Step 2
Take a few streaks and color them with a wash off radical color. Like pink as in the picture or whatever color you prefer. Maybe you can even match your dress.

Step 3
Once the color has dried and your streak have been richly colored then it is time to style. Use a small amount of wet look gel to get your desired style. Use jut enough to style and keep it in place. Not too much that it makes your hair look stick.

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