"Ponytail Hairstyles"

Your first paragraph ...Are you looking for great ponytail hairstyles? Be sure to check out these free cute ponytail styles! Ponytail styles never looked so sexy and elegant.

The ponytail of today has never looked so glamorous like it has before. There are just so many ways you can have them - tied up in a knot, messy, crunched up, high or even low down.

Ponytail Hairstyles

The best thing about the ponytail, is it can be worn to any occasion whether it be a relaxed day time event or a posh evening party. The ponytail will work every time.

At the moment the ponytail hairstyles are big especially on the fashion scene. We are seeing major models and celebrities with you beautiful ponytail styles.

How to get your Perfect Ponytail

A hairstylist can do this for you or you can do it yourself. Tease the hair a little bit, give it a light spray then take your elastic hair safe band (don't use a rubber band) and tie the hair into a tight pony or a loose pony.

Decide where you want the pony, you can even pull it over to one side lower down like closer to your shoulders or higher up to make it look more like a fun thing.

Usually the pony tail is only done with long hair but as long as your hair about shoulder length you can also create a great ponytail. There are pieces that match you color that can be fitted to your actual hair and give it the effect of you looking like you have a real pony.

Also if your hair is not too clean and you have to do your hair in a hurry, it's a great way of making your hair look neat and stylish for work or play.

Check out the video below for a full illustration...

Check out the latest fashion magazines for the latest pony hairstyles to suit your needs and to keep up with the times.

Ponytail Styles - Links

Weave Ponytail - This is probably one of the first styles you had as kid but will always look great on you no matter what your age.

Ponytail Updos - Do you want to wow everyone at your next formal event? Check out these great ponytail classy styles!

Ponytail Hair Extension - Add body and life to your ponytails, with natural hair extensions.

Ponytail Accessories - Accessorize your ponytail with a themed accessories or just with a simple pair of earrings!

Half Ponytail - A great ponytail look that is quick and easy to do. Look classy and trendy at the same time.

Braided Ponytail - It was probably your first ever hairstyle but you can give a fresh update with these great styles.

Messy Ponytail - Something a little different to the usual ponytail styles you are used. Give a trendy and new look.

Elegant Ponytail - Look for the more sophisticated elegant look? Check out these great ponytail styles.

Ponytail Hairstyles

Below you will see a few trendy ponytail hairstyles, that even your favourite celebrities have been showing off at showing off at posh events and everyday outings.

These styles look great at a posh evening do or at a relaxed daytime event. They are easy and quick to do. Only when you start doing the updos you might need a bit of assistance.

Ponytail Hairstyles - Men

Guys with long hair can also go for the tied back ponytail style, it does look good on men. So... if you like your hair long, don't be afraid to tie it up.

You can have your fringe forward or tied back, either way looks great.

Also, try pulling your hair back straight down to give your crown area a bit of height.

Curly hair also looks really good tied up in a ponytail! So on those hot summer days, if your hair is driving you crazy, you know what to do!

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