"Ponytail Hair Extension"

A ponytail hair extension is a great way to get your desired ponytail style quick and easily. Check out these free tips and techniques for alternative styles to ponytails with ponytail extensions.

So why ponytail extensions?

Well... you have decide that you need a ponytail but your hair is short or medium length! What do you do?..

Ponytail Hair Extension

Easy, you guessed it all you really have to do is get ponytail hair extensions. Not to mention it is so much quicker and easier to fit an extension then to do a ponytail with your own hair.

As you can see from the pictures above there are many alternative styles to ponytails. You can do these styles either with your own hair or with ponytail extensions.

Alternative Styles to Ponytails

Ponytail Extensions

As you can imagine ponytail extensions come in a variety of styles and colors.

You can get really expensive natural human hair extensions or your can go for the cheaper option of synthetic material.

To give you an idea on the price, if you were looking for a 120 piece hair extension and they were 40 cm long.

That would set you back approximately $450, so it can be very costly.

Personally I would only go that root if you were going to have your ponytail fitted permanently. That way you can wear your hair down or up and it will look great!If you would like a ponytail extension to wear just for an evening out or a formal occasion then you can buy the cheaper option which will just get fitted to your hair.

For instance the Jessica Simpson range you can buy and just have it fitted for the evening. You can get these extension at your local markets or the Chinese flee markets.

You will find a lot of these kinds of hair ponytail extension pieces, just make sure that whatever hair piece you buy will match your natural hair color and your outfit for that evening.

Decide on the length of the ponytail extension and the style. You can opt for the long and straight option or have a shorter pony that is messy and scrunched up!Either way a ponytail can look great for any occasion and they are easy to create with extensions!

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