"Ombre Hair"

Dip dyed or Ombre Hair

Well the world has finally gone mad, what used to be considered as a bad color job is now a huge fashion statement. Yes thats right, that faded out darker root lighter ends graduated color look is now in. Ombre patterns have been everywhere of late. The French word ombre meaning shades going from one color to the next gradually getting lighter.

To me as a hairstylist I see ombre hair as that washed out faded look, the darker roots and lighter ends give you the best of both. One can even do this on graduated color on our nails. Its on our clothes and now on our hair.

Mostly done on long hair and usually darker in color but can be also achieved on shorter hair plus you can do this on long hair with a bang or should we say a fringe. There is no definites in hair as its an art so color techniques can be taken to the limit.
Start in the nape of the neck, take a thickish section, teaze it towards the head with a fine tooth comb, the strands that are left should be applied with a lighter colour. One can use a lighter shade of tint so if your hair color is on a level 6 say then you can used a level 8 on the ends.

It is done with foils but does not is not a must, you can also just apply on the ends.

Like a normal tint except on the ends only. Make sure each section is back combed because the hair that is pushed back will come out not colored. This will give it that faded look. A toner can always be applied afterwards if using bleach and the color is too orange or yellow.

Ombre meaning graduated or shaded look is going from darker to lighter gradually. I had a very pretty idian client who had highlghts that had grown out substantially, almost to the point that it must of been a year since she highlighted her hair. She popped in for a cut and blow dry saying Oh my, I desperately need to get my color done, so I said no leave it, it actually looked stunning with that dip dyed effect. Told her thats the fashion now and just put a toner in. Look at the latest fashion models with the their ombre color effects and see what you think. Oh and dont forget to send us your before and after pics.

I tried to look up the actual meaning of the word Ombre but then discovered it originates from the french word ambre which could also be a version of amber. Fading from dark to light. Funny enough though, we all seem to know what an Ombre is due to it’s high popular demand in the salons and on the fashion pages. The Ombre has taken off big time and what we thought a while ago looked like an out grown colour is now high in demand, being dark roots and lighter ends has enabled us to get the best of both worlds. No more worries ladies of those dark roots cause quess what? Its the fashion!

So how does one go about achieving that Ombre look. I would say if you are a natural brunette then all you really need to do is get your ends lightened in chunks. Your stylist will take a section of your ends tease it so that you don’t get a straight line and then apply either a bleach with 10 20 or 30 volume to ends till it lifts two to three shades lighter depending on how noticeable you want your Ombre. One can also use a high lift tint rather than bleach and peroxide. The only disadvantage to the Ombre is that on long hair the ends are already dry and damaged due to wear and tear, hot irons, brazilians etc and then we go and apply bleach to the ends which damages even more. Toners will help to improve the condition on the ends plus all your hair treatments and a good trim. There has become so many different variations and looks now that I would say not one Ombre is exactly the same as another.

If your hair is lighter or you are naturally quite blond then basically you do the same procedure as a brunette but just a much lighter version. Try to take care on those brittle ends cause once the hair is broken, nothing will repair it other than the scissors. What you can also do is apply a darker colour to your roots and comb the colour through half way to the ends leaving the ends lighter rather than bleaching the ends. I have a few clients that are sick and tired of highlighting the roots, so basically apply their natural base colour to the roots and smudge it half way through without making it a direct line.

Enjoy that faded look cause who knows what’s up next!

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