"Messy Ponytail"

A must hairstyle at the moment is a messy ponytail. A funky ponytail will keep you looking fresh and young. Messy updo ponytail hairstyles are a great formal look.

Messy ponytails is all about looking good in the latest trends of hairstyling. It has become a hairstyle of choice by many celebrities and a few of my clients.

Let´s have a look why...

Messy Ponytail

Funky Ponytail

A funky ponytail is exactly as the name suggests!

So... forget about brushing your hair straight or making it neat.

The key to this look and style is getting looking free and casual.

What makes this a great style is the fact that you can wear this it everyday to work and for a night out.

Let´s have a look at 3 amazing styles you can try at home...

Messy Ponytails

These are three popular hairstyles which you can try at home or at least give you a bit of inspiration for a unique ponytail of your own.

messy hairstyles carmen electra

1) Cool Ponytail - Formal

As you can see from the picture a messy hairstyle can still be had at a formal event and look amazing.

With this style you need the ponytail to be messy and untidy, that´s what gives it the character. Have a middle path on the top of your head and tie up the pony with a stylish hair tie.

You can have a contrasted highlighted look like Carmen or it will look great just having uni-colored hair.

Funky Ponytail

2) Funky Ponytail

Something a little different a tremendous day time look is this style.

What gives this style it's uniqueness is the weaves on each side of the hair.

As you can see the hair is messy and it almost looks like it was done really quickly.

Note that the ponytail is also not brushed straight it is also kept messy, this is what makes this such a trendy style!

Messy Ponytails

3) Funky Ponytails

This is a simple style that looks great for going to the office everyday.

Keep the top of your head loose and brush it almost wavy like. The ponytail part must be messy and free. So when you brush your hair don't make it neat and tidy!

A great style for the office but also you can wear this out at a formal evening event.

It looks eye popping but still looks subtle enough not to look too attention seeking.

Tips - Ponytail Messy

  • Teaze your hair at the crown to give it lots of height and volume.
  • Leave you hair in it's curl, to give it that waviness and scrunch it up.
  • Remember these styles can be worn to work or to clubs, so enjoy!
  • To keep your hair in place try spraying your hair and ponytail with a little hairspray.
  • Your ponytail can be worn to the side of your head.
  • When you do your messed up pony, always use fashionable accessories that match what you are wearing.
  • A pair of stunning earings big or small can give it just that little bit extra that yo been searching for.
  • Check out the latest trends in magazines to give your fresh and new messy ponytail ideas!

I hope these styles and tips will inspire you to give the messy look a try. It´s definitely a must in the summer time!

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