"How to Color Hair"

Check out these free tips and techniques on how to color hair. Once you have that perfect hair color, make sure you follows these these simple rules below to  to maintain your color!

We all know how expensive it can be to get your hair colored at the salon and believe I know how it can go so wrong when doing a color at home.

I have had so many clients call me yelling,¨HELP! I need to come in I have messed up my hair!¨

how to color hair

I have been asked so many times from people how to color hair.

So... to save you a bit of money you can do your own color at home and you can get your hair to have that magical salon color!

First things first, always do a 48 hour patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the hair dye.

You have to remember these hair dyes have very strong chemicals in them to color hair. Just rather be safe and make sure you do not have any allergies to any of the ingredients. 

How you do the test is by simple applying a small bit of dye to a small patch of skin. If after 48 hours nothing has happened then you are not allergic and you can proceed. 

Let's get coloring...

How to Color Hair - Step by Step

You need a quality hair dye, L'oreal and Pravana have good home hair dye kits. Also, be sure to purchase the semi-permentant hair color option.

If you are coloring grey hair, you can use a permanent hair color as grey hair is quite stubborn. 

Apart from the hair color you are going to need plastic gloves, a plastic mixing bowl and a hair coloring brush.

You also going to need a hair developer, this is what oxidizes the hair color to make it stick to your hair permanently. The darker your color the level of developer you will need for instance a level 10 for dark brown hair. If you are going really blonde then use a higher level developer for example a level 40.

Step 1:

Pour you hair dye in the mixing bowl, be sure to check the instructions on how much you should be using. 

Then pour in your developer, again checking the instructions on how much you should be using to the desired result. Normally you will use the same amount of hair developer as you used hair dye.

Mix it up! Make sure the mixture is a lovely even consistency

Step 2:

Put your gloves on it is time to start coloring your hair. The dye should start changing color.

Use your brush and slowly start covering your roots. Go slowly and make sure the roots get completely covered. Use the back of the brush to pull out parts of you hair, cover with the color from the roots to the tips.

Make sure all your hair is covered, by doing this way from root to tip you will get a nice even color. 

Step 3

Once you have your hair completely covered with the hair dye, you want to try apply heat to it to activate the color process. 

You can do this by using your hair blow dryer or by putting on a shower cap.

Be sure to leave the color on your hair long enough, normally 30 - 45 minutes but be sure to check the instructions of the hair dye. 

Step 4

Rinse your hair, get the color completely out. You can give your hair a nice wash with shampoo and conditioner to nourish your hair after the color. 

Blow dry your hair and style! 

Tips - How to Color Hair 

  • Measure color to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure correct strength and durability.
  • Process color for its full development time, as specified by the manufacturer. Always use a pH shampoo before a color process to remove dirt and oils from the hair.
  • Remember that bleached hair will usually need to be pre-pigmented before a color application is done.
  • When pre-pigmenting, understand the undertones and consider using a color renewal masque.
  • If you have a sensitive scalp, wash your hair a day before the color. This will allow the natural oils to protect the scalp while coloring.

Maintain Hair Color

Hair Care & Maintenance - Maintain Hair Color

Now that you have that beautiful hair color and you know how to color hair.

You want to learn how to keep the color for as long as possible.

By follow this tips below your color wont fade as quickly and keep the density for longer.

The biggest ‘donts‘ in colored hair homecare are:

  • Don't over expose colored hair to chlorinated water. Chlorine reduces the longevity of color and also distorts the hair’s natural pigments, leaving it more vunerable to color fading.
  • Medicated shampoo should not be used on colored hair as the zinc in anti-dandruff shampoo contributes to stripping the color.
  • Hair should not be shampooed every day if at all possible, and lukewarm to cool water should be used when washing. This benefits the hair as the naural oil is not removed, leaving it shinier and healthier.
  • For colored hair always use a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for colored hair. These products do not lather as excessively as conventional shampoos, and will therefore not swell the cuticle as much, resulting in longer lasting color.
  • Always color balance old faded color rather than tinting over it because color on color will end up going darker and will also result in more porous and dehydrated hair. This can cause uneven color bands.
  • Don’t cut corners by using a cheap developer with a premium color. The best colors have developers in them which are specifically formulated to help repair the hair from the inside. After all, while the cuticle is open during coloring it is the best and often the only time to help repair the hair. 

I hope these tips will help you next time you color your hair at home. Remember it is always better to get your hair professionally colored by a stylist but you can save a lot of money doing it at home and still get a great result. 

Follow these tips on how to color hair and I hope your color comes out great...

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