Horse Shampoo

I have a  few clients  for some odd reason using horse shampoo. I cannot for the life of me understand why? The skin and hair of a horse has a ph of  7.0 to 7.5. Human skin and hair is on the level of 5.5 to 6.5.

This is acid based. A lot of research goes into human hair shampoo and into other products like horse shampoo. Horse shampoo is specially formulated with a horses skin and hair in mind.

Sodium chloride( salt) reacts with the glyceride ingredients in shampoo. These act to emulsify dirt allowing it to be easily removed with water. The ingredients are preservatives, perfumes citric acid, anti  bacterial, sodium clohride, glycerine diethanolamide which is a cleaning agent.

At one stage it was a trend to take Bob Martin vitamin tablets for dog’s. Clients were under the opinion that this multi vitamin would make your hair grow faster and even before that we would put raw eggs on our hair.

The best way is to rather eat the egg than put it on your head and under my own personal opinion there is no ways that horse shampoo can make your hair grow faster and shinier. If anything the strong cleaning agents will only dry your hair out.

What might be happening is that we believe so strongly that horse shampoo makes your hair grow thick and healthy so it happens but there is no valid reason why it should increase the thickness or the speed of growth or growth rate. Our thickness and growth rate of our hair and nails is usually hereditary and also depends a lot on one’s health.

For instants taking the right amount of vitamins for our bodies. Vitamin E is very good for your hair and raw wheat germ in your cereal will build up enough nourishment to enhance the growth rate of your beautiful locks. A big no no for one’s hair is bad diet, we all want to be thin but starving your body and yoyo dieting is a big destroyer for healthy hair.

 A lot of research is put into our products that we use off the counter. Heavy cleaning agents are very bad for you and your body, some have even been cancer related so I think it’s very important to research what’s actually being used and not to listen to trends.

My own belief is don’t use horse shampoo on your hair, I would not advise it at all rather stick to the basics like good exercise, healthy living. Also get your iron level checked and your thyroid.

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