"Half Ponytail"

A half ponytail is one of the best alternative styles to ponytails. Check out these free tips on how to get either a big ponytail or a low ponytail half style.

The half ponytail is when half of your hair is tied up and the other half is let down. The reason why this style is so popular is that not only does it look great but it allows us to keep the length of our hair and makes it easy to style and mange.

Half Ponytail

So... it's almost a way of taking our hair away from our face when it's annoying us but still having that glamour of it looking long and beautiful!

I personally find that half a pony looks better on younger woman than older. I would definitely recommend this style if you have very small features, it really opens up your cheek bones and the area around you eyes.

Half Ponytail - Alternative Styles to Ponytails

There are many ways of creating a half pony look and of course there are many style to choose from.They are relatively simple to do, here is a step by step illustration for:

Step 1
Start by brushing your hair straight and then part your hair in the center.

Step 2
Take the two pieces on each side in front of your hair i.e. the fringe and pull them up so that they meet up in the center.

Step 3
Brush back the top of your hair, so that you have a section of hair on the top of your head.

Step 4
Adjust the ponytail part to where you want it, either higher on top of your head, or lower in back of your head. Once you happy with the placement either tie it using a hair tie or a ponytail holder.

Half Up and Half Down Ponytail

Tips and Techniques

Start by your ears, take the half pony through from your ears to the back of your head. Either tie your hair tight or loose depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Try using either the whole top half of your hair including your fringe or you can leave the fringe and work with the hair further down your head.

You can teaze the crown area (making the hair loose or messy) then take the hair back or wear it very sleak, tight against your head.

Remember this does not have to be too neat and tidy! The half pony can be done on curly hair or very straight hair. It can even look great on wavey hair. Try using the different accessories available.

There are so many to choose from and it will hold your hair at shoulder length in a half pony style. The latest new funky look is also to shave the sides with a hair clipper almost like that girl from the move: The girl with the dragon tattoo.

The sides of your head are shaved short and then when your hair is loose you can't see the shaven parts but then when you want to look funky, you pull the hair back in a half pony.

Dont try this at home, rather get professional advice first because you might be disappointed and it will take time for your hair to grow back. It might look easy to do yourself but unless you really know what you are doing rather speak to a stylist first.

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