"Hairstyles for Thin Hair"

Are you looking for great hairstyles for thin hair? Here you will find great hairstyles you can use if you have thinning hair.

I will show you how to create great volume and fullness with my trade secret tips and techniques, for both men and woman.

Whether your thinning hair is hereditary or caused by damaging, just by simply styling it right, can make it look fuller and more healthy.

I have included different styles for both men and woman.

For woman, I agree that we need to make our thin hair look fuller and give it volume.

While for men, I personally think they should embrace their thinning hair. Instead of trying to hide it, rather keep your hair nice and short.

Hairstyles for thin hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair - Woman

Most hairdressers will recommend cutting your hair shorter if your hair is thin. The longer it, is the thinner and more lifeless it will look. If you do want to keep it long though, there are certain styles you can have that will make your hair look thick and heathy.

So... If you have fine hair, it doesn´t mean you have to cut your hair short!

Check out my top hairstyles for thin hair that I recommend to my clients on a daily basis. For each style I have given a few tips and techniques to make your hair appear thick and lavishing!

Hairstyle fine Hair

1) Short Feather Look - Short Hairstyle

This style works great if your hair is really fine. It does involve cutting it short, but it looks great on most woman and has been made popular by Sharon Stone. (Don´t be surprised if someone mistakes you for an actress!)

The basis of this hairstyle is that it is not cut straight and square like most short bob styles.

But rather this is chopped and cut in chunks with different layers. The layers make the hair look thicker and this is why this style works so well for thin hair.

When styling, rather than making it straight and very neat, give it a messy look. What this creates is a fullness and because your hair is short it holds up. Making your hair look thick and healthy.

Styling Tips:

  • Be careful not to cut too much off, have enough hair to style.
  • Cut the hair in chunks, not straight and square.
  • Use a bit of hair spray or styling moose to get the desired spiky messed up look.
  • Also, having a few highlights will look really good with this hairstyle.

Short Bob Hairstyle

2) Straight & Shaggy Bob - Short Hairstyle

A bob cut has always been a popular option if you have fine hair. You can go for a more sophisticated look and have one length cut with a short fringe. This style is really popular among my clients.

Or... You can have a cut with different variations in length, creating a more relaxed summer look.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can clip your hair up for when you go out in the evening.

Remember with a bob you need to keep it maintained as it can grow out quite quickly.

Styling Tips

  • Use small amounts of hair spray to help keep your look last longer.
  • A hair straightener will help get the desired style, but try use it as little as possible as it can damage your hair.
  • Hair wax also works really well when styling your bob, use small amounts as you don´t want your hair looking greasy.

Hair Extension Hairstyle

3) Layered Hair - Long Hairstyle

Now... If you have long fine hair or you are not happy with the thickness of your hair. I would recommend human hair extensions.

Go for a layered look by adding a few hair extentions into your hair to thicken your thinning areas.

This will give your hair good volume and make it a lot fuller. Once you have hair extensions, you can then style your hair as desired.

Please remember to have hair that is healthy and never use hair extensions if your hair is falling out.

Styling Tips

  • Make sure the hair extensions do not become knotty, believe me it is easier said then done.
  • Blend the hair extensions into your natural hair to create volume.
  • I recommend using ´Great Lengths´ natural hair extensions. Been using their products for a while with great results.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair - Men

My eldest son is loosing his hair at quite a young age, so I know how it can get men down. It seems the older you get the thinner your is and more your hairline recedes.

The worst thing you can do is keep your hair long and try brush it over the thinning or balding parts. My advice is cut it short and embrace it, I know I have told this to my son many a time.

Here are some great hairstyles for thin hair that I recommend to my male clients...

Mens Haircut for thinning hair

1) Short & Shaggy - Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Keep your hair reasonably short and give it a feathered, "out of bed" look.

The great thing about this style is it is so easy to do.

Make it messy, the more messy the better! That is the whole idea behind it.

When cutting your hair, cut the sides shorter than the top. This allows you to be able to style your hair, while still keeping it maintainable.

Only use this style when you hair is starting to get thin and you have a good amount of hair on the top of your head to style.

Styling Tips

  • Avoiding using a lot of gel, just a small amount to style. Or use styling wax.
  • Make your hair slightly damp before styling.
  • Curl your fingers in your hair to give it that "out of bed" look.

Shaven Short Hair Men

2) Slick and Shaven - Short Hairstyle

If your hair is really thin and your scalp shows a lot, then I would recommend shaving it with clippers. Use clippers to give it that army look rather then being bare skinned.

Not only is it easy to do and maintain, it is also really good for your hair.

When your hair grows back it is slightly thicker!

I am not saying it will cure you balding problem, but it might slow it down.

Styling Tips

  • Do not use any styling products, that means no gel, mouse or wax.
  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo, to keep your scalp flake free.

Consult Your Hairdresser - Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Speak to your stylist about the best style for you. A lot depends on the shape of your face and exactly how thin your hair actually is. These styles are just to give you some idea of what styles you can have with thin hair.

I will be adding new hairstyles for thin hair soon, please check back for updates.

Be sure to check out treatments for female hair loss for more great information and handy tips.

If you need any advice, please do not hesitate to Contact Me

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