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Hairstyles before and after - If you are looking for a few new hairstyling ideas or if you just need an extreme hair makeover, be sure to check out hairstyles before and after!

Finding that new perfect hairstyle can be difficult and stressful. I mean, who knows if a style that amazing on someone will do the same justice for you?

We are all different and we need to find YOUR perfect style! Below are a few of my clients before and after pics.

So... hopefully you will get a few ideas for your next salon visit!

Do you want your picture on Bella Capelli Hairstyles? The send us YOUR Hairstyles Before and After Pics!

Hairstyles Before and After - Pictures

Hairstyling after formalBeautiful Lush Curls! Magic of a Hairstylist!
Man before and after hairstyling
Boy before after hairstyling
Highlights before and after
Before and after hairstyling straightBefore & After
Before and after hairstyling highlights
Blonde Curls Before and After
Before and after hairstyling
Curls Before and After Hairstyling
Hair Cut Before and After
Hairstyling before after short curls
Before and After Short Highlight Curls
Blonde Hair Before and After
Dark highlights before and after styling

All of these ladies are "all natural" and none of these photo's have been altered in anyway! In today's highly advanced photographic world, a lot of photo shoots have been altered in many ways.

This can be very misleading to the public eye as we often compare ourselves to these wonderful fashion magazines hoping we get the exact same look and as we all know, this is never the case!


Hairstyles Before Vee


Hairstyles Vee After

This is Vee. She is a long standing client of mine (thanks Vee). She has naturally dark hair, her natural base color is a level 5 and she is going slightly grey (aren't we all).

So... We applied a level 5 tint with a volume 20 peroxide to her roots for a period of 30 minutes. We then gave her a rinse off with two shampoo washes right after one another.

Then we towel dried her hair and applied a semi permanent hair color (level 6) which has no peroxide. We put this through her hair from root to tip and left it in for around 20 minutes. What this did was leave her hair with a lovely shine!

Vee also uses a salon Redken shampoo and conditioner to maintain her color, which will make the color last a lot longer.

I trimmed all her ends, taking off about 1 cm all around. Once we finished the trimming I gave her a blow wave with a small brush, and to keep it all in place we used a bit of mouse and hairspray.



Hairstyles Nicole After

This is Nicole, she is a hard working business lady and a young mom. Today she had the request that she wanted a´new look´ as she was fed up of the same long hair style she had for years.

So, we started by putting in a permanent color through her hair from root to tip. Her natural hair color is quite dark at a level 3, so to lift her hair 3 shades lighter we put in a level 6 color from root to tip.

Then I cut almost 3 inches off and gave her hair layers. Plus, I added a few subtle highlights underneath the different parts of the layers.

As she lives a very busy life it will be a hairstyle that will be easy to manage and style everyday. Nicole runs a very busy lifestyle, she works extremely hard and plays even harder!


Hairstyles Liz


Hairstyles Liz After

This is Liz, she is a lovely lady and is also very hard working.

Liz has naturally wavy hair and chooses to keep her natural color. So... Basically we gave her a really good cut and took off more than an inch of hair. We also gave her a side fridge and slightly layered her hair.

Then we blow dried her hair and gave it a touch of mouse. I then took the GHD straightener through her hair to give it a straight look. Afterwards, we put a touch of silicone on the tips to give it a shine and a few sprays of light hairspray to keep all the hair bits together. That's Liz looking good!!


Hairstyles Before


Hairstyles After

This is my good client Sarah. She is a Comrades Marathon runner and for thoe who don't know it's over 90 km long!

What we decided to do with Sarah was first to tint her roots with a level 9 color with a natural shade. We didn't put in too much warmth in as her hair has a tendency to go orange.

The Process - Hairstyles Before and After

Blonde Highlights
Tin Foil Highlights

We then put in a few highlights and blow dried her hair straight, as her hair is naturally curly.

Looking great Sarah, if I do say so myself...


Hairstyles Before Dark


Brunette Hair Dark Color

Lauren usually does her hair coloring at home and then comes to my salon for a cut and blow dry.

Her home color came out very red, it was a bit loud. So... we applied color in the salon and toned down the red. We put in a natural brown in which took away most of her home color job.

Then we gave her a good trim and blow dry. Afterwards we straightened her hair with the GHD as her hair is naturally curly.

Lauren is such a lovely lady, she had us all laughing in the salon and I really enjoyed spending time with her and chatting about things.

Your Before & After Pics!

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If you have just come out of the salon or have just simply come up with the next Jennifer Aniston hairstyle, you got to share it with us!

Remember to attach your before photo's as well, as we want to see your transformation!

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