"Hair Dye Allergies"

Here you will find the best tips to avoid hair dye allergies. The safety of you our clients and our stylists is as important as the beauty of their hair.

Learn about a 48 hour allergy test and the general hair allergy symptoms. What I firstly want to point out is that millions of people color their hair every year with no side effects whatsoever.

Hair Dye Allergies

If you haven´t colored your hair before it is advised you do a 48 hour allergy test before you color your hair just to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the hair dye.

What is a Hair Dye Allergy?

Any chemical application to the scalp can cause a terrible allergic reaction. In coloring hair dye there are really strong chemical ingredients like diaminobenzene and diaminotoluene.

Now...if you are allergic to these ingredients you can have a negative reaction. Just like some are allergic to penicillin and peanuts. Depending on how allergic you are will determine how bad your body reacts to the hair dye.

Unfortunately it has been noted that a young lady had a color done in a salon who was highly allergic to the dye and because no proper precautions were taken hand the hand and she passed away an hour later.

Please don´t get worried now about your next visit to the salon, this was an extreme case. If you are allergic, normally minor symptoms occur.

Allergy Symptoms

These are some of the negative symptoms that can develop of you are allergic to the ingredients in the hair dye.

  • Mild skin irritation or redness
  • Lumps on back and neck
  • Swollen glands
  • Itching skin, normally on your belly
  • Nausea, head ache or stomach pains

I have a client who has been coloring her hair black for many years, recently I have been applying tint to her roots every 4 weeks. Recently I noticed she was building up an allergic reaction to the color as her glands were starting to swell behind her ears.

Hair Dye Allegies

Precautions - Hair Dye Allergies

When we study hairstyling it is in our teachings that before every new client a 48 hour allergy test must be done.

This is quite an issue to any salon or hairstylist, so if you have any new clients that want to color their hair.

We recommend that you do an allergy test before hand.

I spoke to another client whos daughter is also highly allergic to many things so before I even think of doing a chemical treatment on her I have to do a 48 hour allergy test.

If you are going to color your own hair always read the safety instructions before doing it. Wear suitable disposable gloves when coloring your hair, this way you protect your hands from burning and drying.

Avoid at all cost getting the dye in contact with your eyes, firstly it burns like hell and secondly it isn´t good for them. Rinse your eyes immediately if product comes into contact with them.

Just simply rinse your eyes under cool running water until they start feeling better. If you wearing contact lenses, always remove them before rinsing the eyes.

Once you have finished coloring your hair and you have reached the desired color. Rinse your hair really well and make sure you have got all the dye out.

Please remember you can´t use hair dye on your eyelashes, eyebrows, beard or mustache. It must be used for the sole purpose of coloring your hair. (the hair on your head)

Another thing to remember is don´t use hair dye if your hair has been colored with henna.

Don´t color children's hair at home, rather go to the salon and get it professionally done. Use only with recommended oxidants and only the proportions indicated on the packaging!!

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