"Hair Coloring Shampoo"

Are you looking to use a hair coloring shampoo? A coloring shampoo is an easy cost effective way to color your hair. 

The purpose of these shampoos is to wash the color in and not strip the color. There are many colors to choose from, you can have a rich dark chocolate brown to a lovely light honey blonde!

Coloring Shampoo

The thing about a color shampoo is that you can have it done in a salon by a professionally or you can buy a color shampoo and do it at home.

Decide what you are looking for color wise and how often you want to use it. 

Usually in the salon a color shampoo is used as a toner to enhance a color or to remove any unwanted shades without permanent damage.

For instance if you put highlights in your hair and they turn out a bit orange or coppery, you can apply a light blonde color shampoo to give a golden blonde color.  

If you hair is dark and it's throwing off too much red then you can get a toner to counteract the red.

Coloring Shampoos

Color shampoos will not permanently color your hair in anyway, it will simply stain the hair. That is why they don’t really last all that long but on highlighted hair it will last you till your next set of highlights.

It takes a few washes for the color to start showing. Normally after about the third wash you will have a lovely color.

Some how with highlights, the hair never goes back to its original color. Another nice quality about color shampoos is that it gives your hair a lovely shine and makes the condition of your hair feel great.

Try the Redken range called Shades EQ for brilliant shine manageability and control and any color thats suitable to you.

Another option is using color mousses, this is a way of hiding your grey for a bit longer, like if you are off to a party and your grey is showing through, just before you blow wave use your colored mousse, you will get a better effect than using a color shampoo. The colored mousse washes out after every wash.

Hair Color Shampoo

Hair Coloring Shampoo - Men

A coloring shampoo is great for men who want to get rid of there unwanted grey hairs. 

After a few washes the grey normally goes and it last for about 6 weeks.

It is designed to target grey hair and the finished result looks natural.

Be careful using this shampoo as it can contain ingredients that can cause an irritation to your scalp.

Not only will this color your hair it will also rejuvenate and enrich it with vitamins. Leaves your hair thicker and looking fuller. 

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