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Are you looking for new hair color ideas? Check out these great new and trendy hair color choices. Free tips and techniques to get your perfect color match with a hair color chart.

When we start deciding on a hair color or start running through hair color ideas, a stylist will normally give you a standard color chart to look through. Together you will both decide on the color that will suit you best.

Hair Color Ideas

A basic color chart, starts at level 1 which is pure black and then goes up to level 10 which is the lightest blonde just before white.

Level 2 is like a chocolate brown but very close to black, level 3 is also quite dark but will be two shades lighter than black.

At level 4 the color is still quite dark, it is quite a popular choice among my clients. All of these basic shades can be adjusted with a touch of red, violet or ash depending on how vibrant you would like your color to be.

Level 5 is more brunette than dark and at level 6 the color starts changing from brunette to dark blonde. This is probably the most in between color that can be adjusted to either light or dark.

Your next set of shades is from 7 to 10 which is going lighter and lighter.

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Hair Color Chart

Hair Color Chart - Hair Color Ideas

As humans, we don't like staying with normal black, brunette and blonde colors. Some of us want to venture and try new things.

There is a much wider selection of hair colors to choose from.

I have colors like Rocket Fire which is a very vibrant red, it's 'wow' every time you step out onto the street.

I also recommend a color called Macadamia Nut, which is a light blonde at a level 10 that looks very natural, but stunning and fresh at the same time!

Caramel is really popular at the moment, this is at a level 5. The color is dark, but it has a lightness about it too, with a beautiful natural gold tinge.

Midnight hair color is at a level 1 which is a rich black color, obviously. Then if you want a color slight lighter go for the Ruby Browns which are on different levels namely on level 5, 4 and 3.

If you are looking for a dark ash color, you must try the color Sesame, which is a level 8. This is a really popular color at the moment as it is dark, but it also has a lovely cool ash color tinge.

Looking for more of a light blonde color? Try Creme Brulee, it is a very light blonde at level 10, but the color is still rich and full.

As you can see, the hair color choice is endless! There are just SOOOOOO many hair color ideas...

So, why not try something new with your hair color? To me, hair color is like an art, there are no limits as to what a person can do. It all depends on how adventurous you are.

Brown Hair Color Ideas

There are so many ways and techniques to color your hair these days. Each will add a different texture and create a unique style. As you can see in the picture below, you can either have a full head of one color or blend two or more colors together to get a highlighted look.

Hair Color Ideas

The latest 'in thing' at the moment is to do large sections of hair in different colors and do patches. Almost blending two colors into one style.

Take a few sections of your hair, around about three fingers in width and bleach it blonde. Once you have the desired color rinse your hair and then take the sections that haven't been colored and color it with a funky color.

This will create a layered look as you have two different colors blended into one. This can be done all over the head or just around the top.

Why not try a few funky colors with natural human hair extensions? This can be added to the hair wherever you desire and in all different colors. I even had one of my clients ask me to have a full fringe added and dyed bright pink.

You could even try a contrasted look by making the top of your hair blonde and the bottom part dark brunette or even black! With hair extensions the possibilities are endless it all depends on how funky or sophisticated you want it to be.

Hair Color Choices - Maintaining

Once you have that perfect new hair color, you want to try and keep for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, all new colors are high maintenance as the colors will start to fade or you will get your natural hair color growing back.

So... What can you do?

Make sure you use a good quality hair color. It should last for at least 6 weeks without fading too drastically. Some colors are more harsh on your hair than others, a high quality brand will be very gentle and less damaging on your hair.

Always use a good shampoo and conditioner because funky colors tend to fade quickly. A good "color safe" shampoo will keep the rich color in for longer. Avoid going in the sun too much as the sun has a tendency to make you hair lighter and effects the color.

Also, try staying away from swimming pools! The harsh chemicals used in the water can make your hair change into an unwanted color.

Gee wiz, there are so many different hair colors on the market and so many different ranges!

We are terribly spoilt for choice with regards to hair color ideas, one can go to a top salon and spend a small fortune on a color. You can simple go to the super markets and get your color done in the comfort of your own home if you want to save money!

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