"Doing Away With Grey Hair!"

Getting a few grey hairs? Check out these free tips on how to get rid of your unwanted grey!

Going grey is the single most obvious sign of aging, well maybe second to wrinkles.

For many women, especially those who go grey early, concealing those hated unwated white hairs and preserving the hair color of their youth is their number one priority. We all want to remain looking young!

grey hair

What Causes Your Hair To Go Grey?

Like our skin, hair is affected by changes in the body’s chemistry as we age, particularly after the age of 40.

The chronological aging of hair not only causes hair to lose its natural color and turn grey, but also to grow differently.

As the body’s production of lipids and amino acids declines, it leads to a change in the texture and vibrancy of the hair, which often becomes dull, brittle and wiry.

A young woman can start going grey from the early age of 20 usually it's hereditary so if your mom went grey early in life you might also.

People can also go grey through sudden shock like a car accident and a strike of lightening. This usually happens suddenly but the reason why we do go grey is the slowing down of pigmentation released into the hair hence lack of color.

So if you are not Richard Gere or the Queens mother then you will be spoilt for choice with coloring your hair. Let's look at the options...

Doing Away with Grey

So... one day just like any other busy crazy day, you driving in your car and get a glimpse of you hair in the rear a view mirror and OMG it can't be a big ugly grey hair!! They always seem to show up like a sore thumb in natural sunlight...

What do we all do? Pull it out, which is the worst thing you can do! Before you know it there are ten grey hairs instead of just the one. 

Where there is a will, there is a way and there is definitely ways to get rid of the grey!

Remember firstly you can try and camouflage the grey hair in a way that you can't see it. Do this covering your natural hair color over the grey you don't want to be seen.

If you can't go the easy way and hide the grey then you need to resort to color treatment. "Thank goodness for hair dye!!"

Modern technology provides the means to color your hair color to basically any color you want that is not grey!!. So... great new ladies and gents greying doesn't present a problem anymore!

The coloring industries biggest clientele are clients who are going grey. It is the same in my salon too!

Technically, grey hair can be more difficult to color successfully which will drive clients into the salon in order to get a good job done.

Also, while a young blonde client might skip a few visits to the hairdresser and allow their dark roots to grow in, it is simply not the same if you are going grey. As one grey hair is enough to warrant a salon visit...

How to Color Grey

  • Check out how to color hair for more information on how to dye your hair at home. 
  • Because grey hair can be stubborn you will need either a semi-permenant or permanent hair dye.
  • Always start coloring your roots first as this where the grey hair is at it's most toughest. Also, use a little bit more hair dye in the root region.
  • You will need the color reapplied to your hair every four to six weeks as after this the re-growth will become obvious.
  • Be much more open to trying out color products or a treatment regime that helps to replenish the missing amino acids in your hair. This will allow your hair to look healthy and glossy.
  • There are several excellent products on the market for coloring grey hair. I know L'oreal and Redken have great grey hair color kits.
  • A permanent tint will cover your grey 100 percent where as a semi-permanent tint will only slightly cover your grey
  • I always recommend that the lighter your grey hair, the  lighter your hair dye should be i.e. use a blonde hair color for light grey. This just my opinion, you don’t really have to abide by that rule. The reason I say this is the darker you color your hair, the more of a contrast it will be with your grey re-growth. Which will be more maintenance for you to keep up the color...

Grey Hair Man

Men - Tips & Techniques

Firstly, guys you have it a lot easier than us woman. Men get better looking with age and that's because their greying.

Instead of covering your grey, my advice to you would rather be to embrace it and be known as a silver fox!

But... if you can't handle the grey then you have options too. There are great products you can buy to color your grey.

Just for Men have a few good products which include shampoos as well as American Crew. 

Rather use a color for men like the camo color range from Redken for instance this will look a lot better than say doing a normal tint.

Unless of course your stylist really knows what they are doing as the tinted look on a man can tend to look tinted and can throw off a lot of orange.

A man's color needs to look more natural and rugged.

As discussed before if a man goes grey he is distinguished but if a woman goes grey she is an old woman. So... you might want to keep that new grey!

For us ladies there are a few woman out there that are very proud of their natural color and want to show off their grey. There is nothing wrong with that either.

So... you have to decide on what suits you the most and whats your budget because coloring your hair every four to six weeks can be pricey. 

Just some advice if you do decide to grow out your tinted look into a natural grey, I find the best way is to do highlights and low lights and then gradually do it less and less. 

Also with your natural grey color by having low lights it accentuates your grey and by doing this you won’t have that tinted look.

Or... what you can do is just grow your hair and have a re-growth of about an inch or so and then give it a really short hair cut.

I hope this helps and makes you less worried about your grey. So please don’t pull out your greys as they will grow back tenfold!

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