"Going Blonde"

Are you thinking about going blonde? Blonde is considered the coolest and most fun hair color.

Before going the blonde way, check out these tips to make sure it´s the right move! The big question we ask ourselves is should I or shouldn´t I?

Going Blonde

Blonde is such a sexy and striking color, that drives the opposite sex wild. Every woman has thought about coloring their hair blonde at least once in their lives. So... before you decide that blonde is the color for you, please consider this bit of advice.

Going Blonde

The first factor that needs to be taken into consideration is your natural hair color and your skin tone. The darker your roots are, the harder it is to go blonde. Think about changing black to white, there couldn´t be a more drastic change.

Decide what sort of blonde shade you would want to go. There are many different shades of blonde, different levels of blonde - gold, silver, platinum, yellow, copper. orange and strawberry.

A professional stylist will usually recommend to you what they think would best suit you. If you have seen a specific blonde tone that you want, rather then explaining it to your stylist try and bring a picture for their reference.

If you are hair is quite dark (natural brunette) like Elizabeth Taylor and you want to go blonde like Marylin Monroe then your hair would normally need to bleached twice for up to 45 minutes at a time.

The big disadvantage about blonde hair dye is it contains bleach which can be very harsh on the scalp. If you are considering having bleach on your head that long make sure the bleach is scalp friendly. Alot of bleaches are not ment for on the scalp applications.

There is a lot of chemical damage done in breaking the pigmentation in the hair. And remember a strand of hair is thinner then a strand of cotton so it can be delicate.

Be prepared to spend a quite a bit of time in the salon. As turning dark hair into blonde can´t be rushed. Dark hair can take quite a while to lift, it first will go orange then yellow and finally the shimmering platinum blonde you have been waiting for.

Blonde Hair Maintenance

Like with all dyed hair, blonde needs to be maintained. But even more so if you have gone from quite dark to light hair. After about 3 - 4 weeks your natural hair starts to grow back and you will start having regrowth.

Regrowth is about 1cm a month, it can vary from person to person, so be prepared to visit the salon at least once a month. When going blonde the cost factor needs to be considered as can become quite expensive when done professionally.

Once you have colored your hair in the beginning stages your should do a lot of conditioning. Use a really good conditioner on a daily basis for a few weeks, as the bleach would have damaged your hair. You will notice a slight difference in hair texture after it has been bleached.

Also bleached blonde hair can have a tendency to develop a brassiness tone. To avoid this use a color safe shampoo and avoid direct sun light for extended periods of time.

Once you have gone blonde spend a bit of money and use quality products to keep a good condition of your hair. Salon products are specially designed for all the chemical changes that occur while hair coloring.

Coloring Hair Blonde

Going Blonde - My Advice

If you are happy to spend the initially time in the salon and do the up keep then blonde maybe the color for you.

As a stylist I always prefer to stick close to the shade of natural roots color of my clients.

If my clients want to color their hair I will always advise on the drawbacks and then it will be their final decision.

Please do a 48 hour allergic test to make sure you are not allergic to the hair dye products. Speak to your stylist about the test.

Please always go the a professional to color your dark hair blonde. There is just too much that can go wrong.

Almost all blonde coloring jobs done at home jobs done at home land up going to a professional stylist anyway to fix up the mess.

I myself tried this at home when I was young and the next day I went to school with bright orange hair and landed up at the hairdressers taking my hair back to its natural dark color.

It´s not easy to color your hair blonde from home especailly if you dont know what you doing.

Also I recommend not to do this drastic change from brunette to blonde before a major event like your own wedding or before prom night.

Do it two weeks before as you give your color a chance to settle and gives you a chance to improve it if you not one hundred percent happy.

If you have any further questions on going blonde, please don´t hesitate to Contact Me.

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