"Fall Hair Color"

Are you looking for great fall hair color ideas? The seasons have changed and winter is on the way!

Check out these stunning winter hair colors!In the winter we need to keep warm and to match the season our hair needs to have warm colors.

Autumn Hair Colors

Think about autumn and all the beautiful leaves that have fallen to the ground, what colors do you see?

Beautiful dull like colors, ranging from honey yellow to red and dark browns. The warm tones in hair color are all the reds, the browns, chocolate and you different oranges. Fall colors are rich and warm!

Winter Hair Color

Fall Hair Color - Ideas

If your hair is dark and you are looking to give a warmth to it add a touch of rocket fire hair color.

What that will do is give you dark hair a beautiful red tinge and it will look great this winter! Awsome!!

What I usually recommend to my client with either dark brown or chocolate brown hair is to add a touch of red to it.

This makes the hair a beautiful warm chocolate brown. Stick to colors that are the opposite of ash color, as these colors are cool tones which add a heated look to your hair.

Stick to the warm tones this winter!If you have blonde hair you can also use warm tones. Chocolate tones can look absolutely stunning mixed in with your blonde!

You will have a stunning contrast highlighted look that is really popular. Just be careful not to make it look stripy almost like the look of a zebra. If you are a platinum blonde and you feel like you want to change your color this winter, then what I usually do is take through a blush which is a strawberry blonde.

Fall Hair Color

Autumn Hair Color Ideas

Check out this picture of my client Carole. Her normal hair color platinum blonde.

Now she wanted to get a warm textured look. So... what I did was add a few chocolate brown hair extentions to her natural hair.

As you can see it turned out great and her hair now has a beautiful warm tone.

She was really pleased with the results and loved her new hairstyle. Excuse the fuzzy picture, I took this with my mobile phone.

To get this effect you an also add copper foils to give your hair that warmth. This is a great option if you don´t want to put hair extensions in your hair.

If you have any further queries or would like some advice with regards to winter hair color ideas, please don´t hesitate to Contact Me.

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