"Elegant Ponytail"

Are you look for that beautiful elegant ponytail you can wear everyday? Check out these cool sophisticated ponytails, a ponytail hairdo is a trendy and easy to do style.

The sleek ponytail can be used for any red carpet occasion but also simply at a Sunday Lunch.

Elegant Ponytail

It is a great way to always look good, whether your blonde, brunette or have red. The great thing about a sleek ponytail is the fact that you can wear it everyday and look stunning at work. Plus... it will look amazing at your next evening event.

Sleek Ponytail - How to

So... how do we get a great looking ponytail? Easy, watch this video and follow the easy steps below.

As you can see if the video getting a perfect ponytail is relatively easy to do. It looks great and will keep you hair easy to manage!

Tips to Remember

Decide what style you are trying to achieve, either a style that is neat or something a little funky and loose.

If you are going for a more relaxed look then remember to teaze your hair at the crown. What this will do is give your hair a little volume and give it a sense of style.

A key thing to remember is that a ponytail now days mustn't be too neat. Even if you are going for that real sophisticated look, give it that wavy loose look.

If you feel your ponytail is too tight and neat, try taking a few bits of hair out around your hairline to soften it the style.

There are so many styles to choose from, you can decide a side fringe or a forward fringe. A great look these days is to have the fringe combed back to not hide your beautiful face.

You can also do a bit of braiding enter twinned into your pony. Make sure your color is looking good because this will make your stylish pony that more attractive.

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