"Dark Hair Highlights"

How can you get the most out of your dark hair? Dark hair highlights and brunette highlights are a great way to spruce up your style!

What I have noticed as a hairstylist in my 30 years of doing hair is people with dark hair get very bored with the same dark mat color.

By adding a few highlights you can change your entire look and give yourself a certain new vibrance. 

Dark Hair Highlights

For us woman, a great new hairstyle can literally change our lives.

It gives us sense of confidence and who knows it might even give you a little power over the guys!! 

So why not try adding some highlights to your dark hair? I know some of my clients get a little concerned when I suggest this.

I think the reason for this is that it can be very difficult to lift very dark hair without it turning red or orange.

What I recommend and suggest to you is try going more ash color on the really blonde streaks. This will get rid of the red or orange tinge we all don´t want, instead you will get a lovely blonde highlight.

The great thing is there are just so many shades to choose from so give them a try. Highlights look amazing on dark hair!

Start of slowly go slightly lighter, maybe two shades lighter than your natural color you will be amazed how a just by adding a little light hair can make such a difference.

You can also be brave and go full out by or going for a really light blonde and giving yourself total contrast.

One can do thick chunky highlights or just very fine ones and a few.

Dark Hair Highlights

Brunette Highlights

So have a look at a few fashion magazines and decide on the color and the amount that you can handle without going straight back to all dark.

Decide on wether you looking at having ash highlights, copper or red even.

A highlight is just generally making the part of the hair lighter to create contrast. You just have to decide on the depth and variation.

Ask your stylist to show you the color swabs against your head to sort of see what it will look like.

Go through the color chart to sort of get an idea as to what you looking for.

One things for sure though, if the worst comes to the worst and you really don’t like it, you can go back to the color you were before you started.

Just don’t make this a habit because it can be really be damaging to your to hair if keep dying it.

I am sure you are going to love your new highlighted look!

Have a look at Stylelist for 27 ways to change your look with Hair Highlights"

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