"Cropped Hairstyles"

Are you looking for some of the coolest cropped hairstyles? Short trendy hair is great for summer and giving yourself a sophisticated yet sexy look.

If you are looking for something new it´s time to get the cropped look. A cropped hairstyle will look best cut relatively short in length, making this style great for hot summers. If you are used to have long hair, this can be quite a radical change. Are you daring enough to give it a try?

Cropped Hairstyles

A couple of years ago, back in the 80´s. Cropped hair was really popular, people everywhere were cutting there hair short to fit in with the trend.

Nowadays the cropped look is back in but think of your cropped hairstyle as a messy untidy haircut. You don´t want to go for the blunt or straight cut with the scissors. Unless you want that 80´s look...

Cropped Short Hair

So... how do you cut your hair to give it that stylish cropped look? Well... it´s all do by the scissors and the cut. The hair needs to be cut in a chopped way or by using the scissors tin out your hair.

Remember it need to be cut short and mustn´t be cut perfect or straight. It must almost look like you just got out of bed. A lot of the men styles today are cropped, as it´s fashionable for guys to look messy like they haven´t tried hard to look good.

This look is great for both men and woman and is very fashionable at the moment or as they say, "so in right now!"

Hairstyles don´t have to be perfect or neat these days. Free and relaxed is the way to go. I have seen top stylists doing styles that are basically hacked with the scissors.

The hair is cut in chunks and you can´t believe how good it looks on a model. Now don´t go trying this at home with the kitchen scissors because there is definately an art to it!

Best Cropped Hairstyles

Check out the latest fashion magazines for great ideas on cropped styles. Pick the one you think would suit you best and take the picture to your stylist for further advice. Here are a few celebrities showing of their cropped hair, which one do you think will suit you best?

Cropped Hairstyles Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley - always look beautiful with her long flowing hair but as you can see she looks just as good with a short cropped style.

It looks really refreshing on her and look at the way she has styled it.

All flowing and wave like.

She has a few highlights which will stand out during those hot summer days and look great during winter!

This is easy to manage and easy style first thing in the morning.

Definitely a cropped style you should consider!

Cropped Hairstyle Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding - has gone for the more outgoing and outrageous cropped hairstyles.

Her stylist has cut her hair different lengths, creating a funky and young look!

Notice how messy her is but how great does it look?

You know she will just turn heads when she walks down the street. What do you think?

Would you go for a cropped style likes this that is really out there?

I definitely think it is worth a try! Who knows you might just love it!

Cropped Hairstyles Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly - has cut her hair short before and it has suited her.

This cropped style is more refined and a little less loud. Is this style more your thing? Do you prefer your hair to be more neat and tidy?

As you can see the cut is a little more neat and her hair is rounded through her ears.

This style makes her look younger and must feel like a bundle of fun. This style is great for summer and vacation time.

If you want that fresh sophisticated look, then this is the cropped style for you!

Cropped Hair Halle Berry

Halle Berry - she got the short cropped style and has never looked back.

She flaunts and loves her short and cool hair.

Could you picture her with any other style?

When you think of her, you just think of fun and outgoing. Do you think the Halle Berry style will suit you?

To get this style right you hair must be cut relatively short and styled messy with a hair cream.

It is easy to manage and looks great year round! So... go on give it a try!

Cropped Hair Style Rihanna

Rihanna - has always been out there with her styles.

She has been very creative with her cuts and colors.

But how great does this cropped style look on her?

As you can see it has cut messy with different variations to give it a layered space aged look.

This style will definitely get you a lot of attention and turn heads on the street!

Are you brave enough to give this style a try?

You might just pull it off as well as she did!

Cropped Hairstyles

As you can see there are quite a few cropped styles to choose from. You can go for the outrageous or the more sophisticated look.

But remember along with your cropped style, be sure to use the correct styling aids. Either use a good Gel, hairspray, mousse or even styling cream.

All will work really well and remember the messier the better! Please don´t be shy to Contact Me if you have any further questions regarding cropped hairstyles.

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