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Color hair blonde, are you looking for free tips and advice? Dyeing hair blonde has it´s challenges but when done right it looks stunning! Check out these great tips on how to get beautiful blonde hair!

I´m sure you already know blondes have more fun and where there is light there is hope! As a hair dresser, over the years I have been asked by my clients to color their hair blonde a lot more than any other color.

how to color hair blonde

Whether it be my male or female clients. I do highlights almost everyday, as I am sure you can imagine.

Now when it comes to coloring your hair blonde there are a few things you need to know. Blonde hair dye can often contain peroxide or bleach, which a extremely strong substances and need to be handled with care.

Different Strengths of Peroxide:

  • 10 volume peroxide is usually used for tone on tone and depositing color. 10 volume is very weak and gentle on the hair.
  • 20 volume is also used for depositing color and is also used for grey coverage.
  • 30 volume is used when more than two levels of lift are needed, so in other words if you plan to go lighter, good to use when going blonde.
  • 40 volume is used for high lifters like for highlights and going blonde. This is a very strong peroxide.

Choosing Your Color - Color Hair Blonde

The great thing about blonde is it is quite a forgiving color. It looks good if your skin is pale or really tanned.

There are quite a few colors of blond to choose from, you can either go for the cool tone blondes or the more stronger coppers and gold.

Whatever shade of blonde you choose always take into consideration your eye color and your skin tone natural complexion.

What I advise to my clients is to make subtle changes first and see if you like it and then go more extreme. For example if your natural hair color is black I wouldn´t go and bleach your hair white. It might not suit you at all, rather try a few highlightsand see if you like what you see.

If your natural hair color is relatively light, then the all bleached look like the babes from the Play Boy Mansion might be a good look for you.

A classic highlighted look like Lady Dianna used to have, is always a nice look and looks great in summer. I am not crazy about applying harsh bleach to the sculp to get that platinum blond look. Always do an allergy test before hand.

Please consult with your hair stylist what blonde shade will suit you best, or please get in contact with me and I would be happy to suggest a few options for you.

How to Color Hair Blonde

I will always recommend go to the hair dresser when you are coloring you but if you are considering coloring your hair at home, please take these tips into consideration.

  • Firstly make sure you purchase a decent home hair coloring kit. There are some really cheap ones out there that can really damage your hair. Please be careful.
  • Read the instructions first before using. Always a good idea to wear gloves when handling bleach and peroxide hair dye.
  • If you are coloring you entire head of hair one color, make sure you get hair dye on every strand of hair. You don´t wanna be dyeing your hair a second time.
  • If you are just highlighting a few strands, then consider using a rubber hair cap where you can pull hair strands through or tin foil to avoid coloring hair parts you don´t intend to.
  • The processing time for bleach plus peroxide normally ranges from 5 minutes to 1 hour. It all depends on how light you would like the blonde to be, the longer you leave it the whiter it will go.
  • As bleach and peroxide are quite strong, be careful leaving it on for too long. As it can cause your hair to break or it can go like candy floss. It just depends on the strength of your hair.

Blonde Hair Dye

Dyeing Hair Blonde - Color Hair Blonde

Once you have finished coloring and you are not happy with the way your hair turned out.

Consider using a hair toner, a toner will remove any unwanted tones like orange and yellow.

The toner can grab quite quickly and grab the base color. Please monitor it after you have applied the hair toner, a quick rinse through sometimes does the trick.

If really need to get rid of the yellow or orange tinge then leave the toner in a bit longer, it is just difficult to say how long exactly because it depends on your hair and how intense the unwanted colors are. Please keep a close eye on your hair.

Also the toner creates a lovely ash color but be careful, the ash tones can start looking like a slight greenish color.

This usually happens when there is too much ash color in the hair. Usually what I do then is hairstylist add a natural toner to even it out.

Blonde Hair

Color Hair Blonde - Maintenance

One of the real downsides of going blonde is the dark regrowth that will start to occur.

You will see this after a few weeks unfortunately.

Your natural hair color starts growing back at your roots.

Keep a look out for the regrowth and consider doing a few touch ups or simple get your color re-done.

Another big downside to going blonde is that blonde hair rarely gives off a shine like dark hair does.

Dark hair always looks much healthier than blonde hair, so my advice is use good hair products on your blonde hair to make it healthy with a natural shine.

Redken sell a lovely shampoo and conditioner called Blonde Glam. I recommend this to my clients all the time.

It will make your color blonde look very glamorous like the glamore girl you really are!I think its true blondes do have more fun and I myself a natural brunette have gone with the blonde look.

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