"Brunette Short Hair"

Are you looking for great brunette short hair ideas? Find out why it is a good idea to cut you brunette hair shorter than you normally would. Get free tips and techniques on how to style your short brunette hair.

You need to try short hair sometime in your life to see if you like it or not. It can look really refreshing if you have had long hair and then cut it short.

Brunette Short Hair

Brunette hair really looks stunning short. Even try tinting it or add a shades EQ color shampoo, which will give you hair a slight gloss and make it look healthy and shiny.

Natural dark short hair is easy to manage and does not need a lot of up keep. This is such a big advantage for ladies on the run. Jump in the shower, light shampoo, towel dry, rub a bit of gel through and your done.

Brunette Short Hair - Woman

There are two style types you could go for. Either the messy look where you would have your hair feathered and layered. Or... if you prefer it to be more neat, then have a blunt and straight cut.

Either way is great if you don´t have much time to style your hair.Another great advantage with having short brunette hair is that it can bring out your facial features. Sometimes having too much hair around your face can tend to be like a curtain.

Why not take away the curtain and let out your beauty! By doing this it will not only make you look younger but it will give you a new modern look. Remember what they say a change is as good as a holiday!

To get a few ideas of what styles to to choose from go through fashion magazines and pick the dark short style you think would suit you. Always ask your stylist for advice!

Here are a few of my favorite styles that I recommend to some of my clients...

Sark Short Hair

Short Brunette Hair - Men

Short dark hair in men always looks great by giving it that ruffled out of bed look. To get this shaggy crazy mess look, you need to do a alot of thinning out of the hair. To do this use thinning scissors especially if your hair is very thick.

By doing this you add texture to your hair which gives it a lot of movement.You can also do alot of slicing to give it different lengths and shapes.

A new look that I saw being done at the Tigi Seminar is section the top of the hair off, cut short around the ears and back of the head area!

The cut does not have to be perfect and then loosen the top section leaving it longer depending on how long you would feel comfortable with. Then feather the top and trim it out!

Remember if you are not too keen on your new short look you don´t have to worry- It will grow back before you know it. Make the most of your new style!

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