"Brunette Highlights"

Are you looking a getting brunette highlights? Nothing looks as elegant and as dashing as dark hair highlights. 

Check out these cool tips on how to get your dark hair highlights just right! 

They say blondes have the most fun but I think not always. You are naturally dark and there is nothing more classy than a beautiful brunette!

Brunette Highlights

Plus... let´s be honest, darker hair always looks more shiny and healthy than the opposite blonde hair. The problem with being naturally dark like say Audrey Hepburn or Kim Kardashian, is that we get bored with the same color day in and day out.

So... what do we think of getting? You guessed it, a few streaks of brunette highlights! The great thing about getting just highlights as opposed to coloring our hair completely blonde is the regrowth. If your highlights start growing it out your hair stills looks good!

Plus there is no dramatic change with coloring your whole head blonde, rather a nice subtle look that is noticeably to family and friends.

So we are really really bored of this dark color and we need a change. So we can do a few highlights or lowlights through out our hair!

Brunette Highlights - How to

Use a soft bleach or peroxide. Also, consider using a highlight kit that you get in most convenient stores.

The longer the bleach stays on your hair the lighter your hair will go. If you going only two tones lighter you can use tint with 20 volume or 30 volume.

Selected either very small pieces or sections of hair that you want to highlight. And... cover those sections with the bleach while preventing the rest of your hair coming in contact with the bleach.

Please be careful, you don´t want your hair to look like a zebra so be careful of the zebra stripes. Leave the bleach on until you have reached your desired color. Be careful though because the bleach when lifting your hair lighter can tend to make the hair go orange.

Check out Color Hair Blonde for more great tips and techniques on how to color your hair.

If this does happen to you, you will need to apply a toner to even out the color. I always advise my clients with dark hair who do have highlights is to always apply a toner through the hair afterwards. Not only does it do wonders to the color it also gives your hair a great shine!

Brunette Highlights Kate Beckinsale

Choosing the Right Lightness

You need to decide how much lighter you want to go and how much contrast you want between your natural dark color and your highlights.

Be prepared for the change, as you have been used to your dark color for years and now you have light streaks.It can be a bit of a shock the first time you see it.

A lot of my brunette clients don´t do to well to the change and I find they tend to panic after they have just had the highlights.

But... once they have had it for a few days they absolutely love it and were really glad they decided to get highlights done.

You just need to allow the color to settle, so give your hair at least two to three washes before you decide wether you like it or not.

There are so many different colors to choose from ranging from reds, to coppers, to gold and right the way through to ash blonde!

Get a color chart out and consult with your stylist on what color will suit you best. Take into consideration your complexion, your natural dark hair color, the clothes you wear and your make up.

Remember your age when selecting your highlight lightness. Not all light shades will suit all brunettes, the younger you are the more dramatic the contrast can be. If you are a bit older, rather go for a subtle highlighted look.

Younger brunettes may go for the bright blonde highlights as it looks great on younger woman. Older brunettes should go for more darker tones even low-lights to get a desired look.

Platinum blonde highlights might look a bit striking a appear a bit brassy. I always suggest to my clients who are mid 40 to consider a red highlight, which will give them the highlighted look but it will be very subtle and beautiful.

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