"Coolest Brunette Hairstyles"

Are you looking for the coolest brunette hairstyles? Check out these free beautiful dark hairstyles and brunette short hairstyles. Dark hair styling from the celebrities.

They say a brunette is more intellegent than a blonde or maybe she just looks more intelllegent and let´s see why?

Brunette Hairstyles

It´s probably because people take brunettes more seriously than blondes and maybe they just look a whole lot more classy but as we all know this is not the case it´s just a theory and very stereotypical.

Brunette hairstyles can vary from long to short, culy or straight or even scrunched up in a bun. There are no hard a fast rules to styling brunette hair. At the Tigi Seminar in South Africa one of the top brunette styles were very long and straight shiny hair.

Another great style was curly and wavy with lovely long brunette hair. The brunette styles can be very elegant, good advice would always be to keep your color fresh by using good hair conditioners.

The stylist now are not using a brush to blow dry the hair, it´s either molded into the curl with their hands or set with big clips.

You can even simply scrunch up your hair with your fingers, this is another great look. You can even spray hair spray into the hair and use a hair dryer to get that wind swept layered look.

Classic Brunette Hairstyles

Lots of body and movement also applies to glamor and beauty. You would know this from the fashion world. I personally think a lighter complexion with dark hair always looks stunning.

It´s almost like a porcelain doll type of look with great contrast. Being brunette doesn´t mean you need to be stuck with a one tone style.

By adding in a different color, like say a rich brown to a really dark color you can get a ravishing textured look. Even having highlights will look great in your dark hair.

The brunettes like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and our latest Kym Kardashian are all classic brunette beauties.

Top Brunette Hairstyles

Brunette Hairstyle Megan Fox

1) Megan Fox

This dark hairstyle is a huge hit amongst the men. Your hair needs to be a colored dark oak brown.

The color should be a one tone color.

The styling of the hair must be kept very straight. Do this by either brushing your hair straight or use a hair straightener.

Leave your hair loosely and flowing. This dark hairstyle might be the look you have been waiting for.

Brunette Hairstyle Nikki Reed

2) Nikki Reed

Now if you prefer more of the curly look, then this might be the style for you.

Color your hair one tone brunette color or you might want to add a few subtle highlights, it's completely up to you. When styling your hair you want to go for big curls.

This will make your curls big and flowing.

This style looks great during the day and in the evening.

Brunette Hairstyle Angelina Jolie

3) Angelina Jolie

This is a great winter hairstyle, it´s a rich dark brown.

Notice the hair color in the picture, it's a beautiful brown with a very slight lighter color to give the hair contrast.

When styling, simple brush your hair nice and straight.

Wrap your hair around your ears and you are ready to go.

This is a perfect brunette hairstyle if you are looking for something that is easy to manage.

Brunette Hairstyles Eva Longoria

4) Eva Longoria

This is a glamorous sophisticated brunette look but also looks beautiful on evenings out.

Color your hair a beautiful dark chocolate brown. Your hair needs to be cut layered.

When style you need to brush your hair back while bringing some front parts forward.T

his is a beautiful style and is really popular among young ladies.

Dark Hairstyle Jennifer Garner

5) Jennifer Garner

Beautiful highlighted hair always looks great and gives your stunning texture.

When highlighting your hair be careful not to make it look too Zebra like.

As you see with her dark hair the highlights give her hair a lovely contrasted look rather than it being stripy.

Give your hair some nice loose curls to go with your highlights. Style your hair loose and flowing.

Dark Hairstyle Kate Beckinsale

6) Kate Beckinsale

This is the same look and the style above just the hair isn´t straightened. As you can see the highlighted hair looks really great both curly or straight.

Notice how the hair is still loose and free flowing.

You don´t need to brush your hair straight or use a straightener.

Keep your hair slightly messy almost like you just got out the bed.

Dark Hair

7) Long & Messy

Great style for the young ladies and this never gets outdated. Notice the rich brunette color which looks great in Autumn!

Have your hair brushed down and flowing freely.

As you can see your hair will still look great even if it gets blown in the wind.

This is a beautiful long brunette hairstyle, definitely give this one a try.

Brunette Hair Messy

8) Short & Messy Dark Hair

As you know messy hair is really in at the moment and looks beautiful with short hair.

Have your hair cut at shoulder length and colored a one tone brunette rich color.

When styling use your hands to scrunched the hair at the bottom to give it that messed up look.

Spray with a hair spray to keep your messy hair in place.

Brunette Hairstyles Natalie Portman

9) Natalie Portman

This is still a great brunette school girl look. It is a beautiful, sophisticated look which looks great on all woman.

Have a few highlights put in your hair to give it that contrast look.

Cut your hair just below your shoulders.

When styling simple brush hair straight and style with your hands to get your desired look.

Brunette Hairstyle Short

10) Short Brunette Bob

A brunette bob always looks great no matter how you style your bob.

You can go for the neat Cleopatra look or a more relaxed bob look.

This is a great style for those who prefer short hair and like something that is easy to manage.

It is quick and easy to style, simple brush your hair and spray with a bit of hair spray to keep in place.

I hope these styles gave you a bit of inspiration for your next salon visit. The question is now do blondes have more fun then brunettes?

Mmm, not quite sure now what do you think?

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