"Brunette Curly"

Are you looking for the coolest brunette curly hairstyles? Beautiful dark curly hair starts with the curls and the color! Check out these free tips to get great curly brunette hair!

Have you seen the movie ´Sleeping with the Enemy´with Julia Roberts. Well that was her natural dark curl hair.

It was like a soft spiral perm, this type of curl has become a bit outdated. It used to be very fashionable a few years ago.

Brunette Curly

 What I am finding is that ladies with this natural type of curl are using the ghd straightener to straighten their hair. Or they are going for the Brazilian blow wave, which is currently a lot more fashionable.

Dark hair with a curl looks really stunning when the hair has a shine to it and a healthy curl. Avoid having a frizz at all costs as this can ruin your curly look. Men love woman with a soft curl or a wave because it is definitely more feminine.

So the different types of curl on brunette hair are quite vast, ranging from a set with small rollers to large rollers. You can get most size rollers at most stores, it al depends on what size curl you are looking for.

I would recommend going for the larger roller as this creates more subtle curls which seems to be the in thing at the moment.

How to Curl Hair

There are a few different methods to give you brunette hair some stunning curls. One way of doing it is to take the rollers out slowly and leave your hair with the fixed curls.

Give you hair a light spray of hair spray and you are good to go.Another great method is you can take out the rollers and instead of leaving the fixed curl in, rather give your hair a good brushing and shake your hair. This will loosen the curls and make them more loose and subtle.

It all depend how you want your curls to look, if you want them more prominent then use the first method or if more subtle is your thing then go with the second method.

Quicker Methods - Brunette Curly

brunette curly hair

Another great method to getting curls is using the ghd, this will give you that lovely American curl.

You can use very thick sections of hair to give you large curls or very thin sections of hair to give you smaller curls.

It all depends on how many curls you want, how prominent and what size you want them.

How you do it is wrap a section of hair around your fingers hold in place and put the ghd over it to heat it up. Once you let go, you will have a beautiful brunette curly hair.

Also another tried and tested method which is easy to do and relatively quick. Buy yourself some long clips and you have blow dried your hair.

Make round curls with your fingers and put the long clips into your hair to hold the curls for a while. Leave the clips in for sometime, maybe while you are doing your make-up.

Once they have been in for around 20 minutes give your hair a light spray of hair spray and then remove all the clips. This will give you beautiful soft flowing curls.

This looks great on dark hair either having long to short curls, plus it´s very fashionable at the moment.

If you have naturally straight hair avoid the rain as much as you can. The slightest of rain will cause your curls to drop out. Even if you are very busy running around it can be very difficult to keep your curls in.

Speak to your stylist about getting curls by doing a very soft perm. This is a great way to get your straight hair curly but it needs to be done by a professional.

What your stylist will do is perm your hair with biggish rollers so it does not come out frizzy or too tight. Once again be careful of the condition of your hair.

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