"Brunette Bob"

Are you deciding whether or not to get a brunette bob? Check out these free tips on how to style your new bob hairstyle.

A great cut bob will always be in fashion. The brunette bob can be very stylish and always in. Can you guess here the dark hair bob originated from? Can you?

Brunette Bob Cleopatra

It was all started by Cleopatra! She was a gorgeous brunette with a very blunt straight cut. Her hair very sleek, flat and black!

She used to cleanse herself in milk, so that made her hair strong with a stunning shine. Hence the reason she was so popular among the men.

I know what you are thinking and the answer is no, you don´t have to go and wash your hair with milk.

We have great products to achieve the same shine look. So keep your milk for your cereal...

Dark Hair Bob

Brunette Bob

The old classic bob is all one length, with a straight fringe which frames the face. Nowadays we see so many different styles to the bob, with different lengths and cuts. The idea is to have a contrast between the dark hair and the light skin, this is what makes the bob such a beautiful style.

A few years back I went on a Redken seminar and they said when a client has a bob hairstyle they are playing it safe but nowadays there are so many variations of the bob that you can have it outrageous and radical.

A good example of a dark hair bob in today's times is the style Victoria Beckham had which was graduated up at the back and the length graduating forward.Ladies were going crazy for this style in my salon and it´s still quite popular even today.

With all the different variations of the bob, difference in color can be added from black to a beautiful chocolate brown. Or... go for a radiant red like Cherry Cola and Rocket Fire!!! Oh Yes!!

If you have dark hair a bob is best kept straight and sleek but remember with hair there are no hard a fast rules! It´s and art rather than a science!!

The darker your hair is the harder it will be to see the definition of the cut. A graduated bob with dark hair kept very straight will show off your brilliant hair cut.

Curly & New Aged Brunette Bob

Brunette Bob

You can also go with a curly bob if you prefer a more natural look. You can style your bob curly with finger waves and pin curls.

I was on a Tigi seminar to day there were three top stylist from London and what I understood was that these stylist are applying curl or waves to the hair with there hands more than anything.

It´s all finger blow waved and the stylists used a lot of hair spray while drying the hair to give it that wind swept look. Take this advice and use it at home when you are styling your hair. Try using your fingers and hands rather than your curling iron. Just a few swirls with your fingers while drying and Bob´s your uncle!!!

The great thing about a brunette bob is that it can look good on very thick hair and it can look good on very fine hair.If you have very curly hair and you want a sleek straight cut bob then either go for a Brazilian blow wave or use your straightening iron to style after your cut.

If you leave it curly it will shoot up and can tend to make the style look too round. A very good advantage of having a brunette bob is that it will be an easy style for you to manage especially if you are a girl on the run!It will be low maintenance, you won´t need to color it often as your hair is relatively short. Your bob can vary in length so decide how short or how long you would like your bob to be.

Hairstyling is an art, you are the artist and your hair is the canvas. There are no set rules, just simple guidelines. Fashion is passed on from our past, it changes and changes so dont get stuck in a rut. Enjoy your bob!

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