"Brown Hairstyles"

Getting beautiful brown hairstyles is all about getting the color just right. Classic brunette hair is all about the deep and rich colors. Colors ranging from dark oak to light toffee. Which color do you choose?

Brunette gives you a wide range of choices not only in color but also in style and length.

A lot of my clients will color their hair dark for winter as it goes so well with the changing fashion. As you know winter clothes are darker and more brown. And so can your hair color be.

Brown Hairstyles

The different brown tones will compliment most skin tones, just speak to your stylist to see what would suit you best. Brown hair nowadays is multi colored as apposed to being just one shade.

By adding dark hair highlights to you style you can give your hair great contract which will make it pop!

This variation look great and gives your hair a stunning texture. Almost like the leaves you see on the ground during winter with all the different shades of brown.

A lot of celebrities are dying there hair brunette it seems to be quite a major fashion trend. You will see them walking down the red carpet with ravishing brown hair.

The key with brunette is to keep the color rich and not let it fade. There are quite a few good products on the market that work really well. Both Pantene and Redken sell color safe shampoos and conditioners to help prolong your color.

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Brown Hairstyles

Have a look through these popular dark hair styles. Hopefully they will give you a few ideas of what to do with your hair.

Dark Hair Bun Style

1) Brunette Casual Style

Brunette hair being both formal and casual. This style is an easy style to do but it also looks great and it stands out.

Your bun needs to be tied up on the top of the crown of your head. This gives your hair volume and character.

Try make the bun an interesting swirly knot, like in the picture.

This a great style for everyday use and keeps your hair out the way while you are working.

Brown Hairstyles

2) Brunette Lose & Formal

As you can see dark hair will look great just hanging loosely at an evening event.

Make sure your hair is nice and clean before doing it this style. You want to have that beautiful shine to turn a few heads.

Give your hair a few curls, to give it a bit of volume.

Brush your fringe down and have it flowing over your forehead.

Brunette Hair Marisa Tomei

3) Brown Hairstyles Up Style

With dark hair you can have a trendy formal up style. This is a great option for an formal event.

You are going to need a professional stylist to get this style the way your want it.

Notice how high the top of her hair to her head, this creates a sense of thickness and healthy looking hair.

Tie the back of your hair up, keeping the look clean and fresh.

Brunette Hairstyles

4) Brunette Curls

Nothing beats beautiful curly hair, especially when you have it with rich dark hair like in the picture.

This is such a versatile style, you can wear it everyday or have it at a formal evening event.

Make sure you get the curls nice and flowing, you don't want them too neat and structured.

The key to this style is having your hair nice and wavy. If it looks too neat it can look outdated.

Brunette Wedding Style

5) Dark Hair Formal - Wedding

Brunette hair looks great in a formal style for any woman's special day.

Have a few highlights to give your hair contrast and fullness.

Your hair doesn't need to be as long as it is in the picture, even having it shoulder length will look great.

This is a style you will need professional help from a stylist to get the look you desire.

Famous Brunettes - Brown Hairstyles

Audrey Hepburn

Brunettes are usually seen as self possessed and sophisticated. Style icon Audrey Hepburn redefined glamour with her elfin features and waif-like figure and is unimaginable without her glossy perfectly coiffed brown hair.

Ava gardner

Stunningly exotic., devastatingly witty, Ava Gardner was the epitome of the thinking man’s woman during Hollywood’s Golden Age. Even crooner Frank Sinatra found her too hot to handle during their tempestuous five year marriage, yet she was the love of his life.

Sopia Loren

Italian bombshell, Sopia Loren, captivated film audiences for decades with her glossy dark hair, high sheik bones and dramatic eyes. In 1962 Time Magazine described her as having”...... a nose too long, uneven teeth, the neck of a giraffe, a low forehead and a mouth too large. And, mamma mia, she is absolutely gorgeous.

Angelina Jolie

Love her or hate her, the enigmatic Angelina Jolie, has it. She morphs seamlessly from darkly weird to dangerously seductive, softly maternal to Hollywood heavyweight, yet no matter which persona she chooses to project, the others are always lurking just beneath the surface.

Salma Hayek

Sultry, smart, sexy and successful, Salma Hayek is recognised as one of the most powerful Latina people in Hollywood. Actress, producer, director, UNICEF ambassador, Global Green board member, this stunning brunette knows what she wants and makes it happen.

I hope these styles gave you a bit of inspiration for your next visit to the hair dresser. Be sure to keep that brunette color rich and glowing. That way your brown hairstyles will always stand out...

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