"Braided Ponytail"

How many stars have you seen lately with a braided ponytail? Ponytail braids is a trendy new look and it´s a style you can wear everyday! Be sue you give a braid ponytail style a try!!

You get braids and then you also get ponytail braids. The pony tail braid is basically a pony in a braid.

Braided Ponytail

Before we always just used to do the plain simple braid at the back of our heads either inverted or outwards like a rope.

This can look very stunning on thick hair but now times have change and the braiding and pony is intertwined.

Braided Ponytail

Check out these hot and trendy new braided ponytail styles. As you can see even the celebrities are bracing these new looks...

Braided Hair Messy

Ponytail Braid - Messy

This is a great everyday look, what you do is braid the one side on your hair and pull it over your head.

Keep the rest of your shagging and messy.

Even though your hair is messy, the look still looksclean and fashionable.

You could wear this out to a light evening do or for everyday use. Very easy to style and manage.

Ponytail Braids Shakira

Ponytail - Shakira

This style is a bit more exotic and summery.

As you can see it is quite a popular style and looks great on just about anyone.

You would need to consult with your hair stylist, as this style can be quite difficult to do and if not done it right can look a bit cheap.

A great style for when you go on your summer holiday. You can wear a hat like in the picture or go hat free and look amazing.

Ponytail Braid

Braid Ponytail

This is more of a formal style but you could use this for everyday use.

The only issue is you will need the assistance of a professional stylist to get the style just right.

Styling involves braiding your hair on both sides and brining them to meet in the middle to make one braid.

If not done correctly your hair can look tacky, the secretis not to have the braids too neat.

Braids Ponytails Photos

Milky Maid - Ponytail Braids

Very similar look to the first ponytail braided ponytail style.

It involves braiding the back of you hair and bringing the braid over your head. Also, look at the photo and notice how she has her fringe coming down both the left and right side or her face.

This is what gives it the signature milky maid look. If you are looking for something cute and different then this is the style for you.

Ponytail Braids - Styling Tips

Very fine braids can be taken through from the temple leading into the pony making your style look interesting and glamorous.

One can even do a thick braid which follows through into a pony. If you practise hard, you can achieve this at home but usually its not easy to do it yourself.

Best to get a few fashion magazines and go through and see what you like but always go according to your hair thickness and colour. Also the length is very important.

One can use a bit of mousse or a good styling aid and make sure the hair is dry and not too slippery.

Actually this type of styling is easier to do on dirty hair. Afterwards give your style a light spray to keep all the loose hair in place.

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