"Blonde vs Brunette"

Blonde vs brunette, which color do you choose? Check out these free tips to help you choose the right hair color! Hair color is everything, so do you go light or do you go dark?

This is an age old battle that has been going on for generations. Do you go for the smart sophisticated look or do you go the sexy bombshell men seem to go mad for?

Blonde Hair Vs Brunette

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about going light or dark is Stereo Types. ¨By going blonde will people think I am less intelligent?¨Or ¨If I go brunette will my friends see me as less fun?¨

I say forget all about that and start thinking less about other people and more about what you want.

Here are a few pictures of celebrities with Blonde and Brunette hair. What color do you think suits them best?

What do you prefer - Blonde Vs Brunette?

1) Jessica Simpson

Blonde Vs Brunette Jessica Simpson

2) Scarlett Johansson

Blonde vs Brunette Scarlett Johansson

3) Charlize Theron - Blonde Vs Brunette

blonde vs brunette Charlize Theron

4) Sarah Michelle Gellar

Blonde vs brunette Sarah Michelle Gellar

5) Lindsay Lohan

Blonde Vs Brunette Lindsay Lohan

6) Angelina Jolie

Blonde Vs Brunette Angelina Jolie

7) Ashley Simpson

Blonde Vs Brunette Ashley Simpson

8) Kristen Stewart

Blonde Vs Brunette Kristen Stewart

My Advice - Blonde vs Brunette

Let´s analyze this whole tug a war of what hair color you should go for. Majority of the population has dark hair and I always say in every brunette there is a blonde trying to jump out.

I am a natural brunette as my mom is Italian but most of my adult life I have had blonde hair.

I must admit it is high maintenance as my roots grow out quite quickly. But I have just come to like my blonde hair and I try to stand out a little bit.

Blonde Vs Brunette

Marilyn Monroe was considered to be a sexy blonde bombshell but before her transformation from her natural color of Norma Jean one can´t believe how glamorous she looked!

Look at Cher she went from having black hair and then went blonde that real bottle blonde. Funny enough she looked good either way but some will argue she looked better with dark hair.

It´s all a matter of choice, we have to make choices in life! You wont believe how your hair can effect your life and how you hair color can even change something a serious as a job interview!

Even others like family and friends may tell you what hair color to have. A few years ago I decided I wanted to go back to my dark brunette days and my husband and mother were against it as they have come to prefer me with honey blonde hair. As stubborn as I am I did dye my hair dark as I wanted to be a beautiful brunette like my mother was but looking back at photo´s I realize they were right and blonde hair did suit me more.

Sometimes its nice to try different things but it may not be the best choice. I also find with men and woman that opposites attract. If you have light hair, you probably will be dating someone with dark hair and vice versa.

So... try something different, if you are a natural brunette try going blonde even if it´s just blonde highlights, if you are a blonde try coloring your hair dark. As you know a change is as good as a holiday!

Go for subtle changes at first if you are not sure if you will like the new color. Speak to your stylist to find out what shade will suit you best. Try on a wig on the color you thinking of coloring your hair.

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