"Blonde Highlights!"

Are you thinking of getting blonde highlights? Check out these great tips on how to highlight your hair.

Hair highlights can add stunning contrast and style to your hair. Ideally it would be better if you go to the hair stylist to get your highlights done.

Unfortunately hair dye can be very unpredictable and damaging to your hair!

I had clients rushing into my salon screaming "HELP!" because their hair is orange or green...

There is an art to bleach rather then it being an exact science!

The key factors are how long should the dye stay in your hair for and how do you get the highlights to look natural.

So... if you are looking to do highlights at home to save a bit of money then here are the best ways to do it!

Blonde Highlights

There are many different ways to put blonde highlights in your hair. I mostly stick to three main methods when highlighting my clients hair.

1) Blonde Tint
2) Cap Blonde Highlights
3) Tin Foil Blonde Highlights

You could use these methods at home but you may need some help from a family member or friend. But... please remember to do a 48 hour allergy test before coloring your hair.

1) Blonde Tint - How to Highlight Hair

A tint is an all over color that can lift your hair two shades lighter than your natural hair color. The blonde hair dye is painted onto your scalp and all of your hair. There is no foil or caps involved.

Usually a tint is permanent and the color will stay until it grows out (regrowth). If you have a blonde tint and after a few weeks you hair does have regrowth, then a blonde tint will simple just be painted on your roots.

So... if you have a blonde tint your hair will be permanently blonde, until it grows out.

The problem with blonde hair dye and tinting is you hair can turn out to be orange or yellow. Blonde tinting can be tricky, so ideally get it done by your stylist.

How to Tint Your Hair

Use these techniques to tint your hair at home. I would recommend you get a friend to help you out.

This is what you are going to need:

  • Good quality blonde hair dye
  • Plastic gloves
  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Small bristle paint brush

Always start by reading the instructions on the back of the box. Put your plastic gloves on, you don´t want any dye on your hands.

Mix the blonde color in the bowl with the brush. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed.

Evenly paint the dye on your hair, start mixing it into the scalp and then down the hair to the root. Make sure your cover all of your hair!

Once you have covered your hair with the dye, just wait for the color to work it´s magic. Keep checking the color as it can take quite quickly, remember you just want to go two shades lighter then your natural hair color.

How to Highlight Hair

2) Cap Blonde Highlights

This definitely the safest and easiest way to give yourself highlights.

Cap blonde highlights are great if you only want one color highlight.

Unfortunately it can be slightly painful when you are pulling your hair through the cap.

What this method entails is placing a cap over you head and pulling strands of hair through.

These strands are the colored and the rest of your hair remains your natural color - voilà beautiful looking highlighted hair!

There are a few things that can go wrong with cap highlights if you dont know what you are doing. With bleach there is always the risk of getting that unwanted orange or yellow highlights. What we all tend to do is panic before we take the cap off and then we rinse too early.

If you have long curly hair then unfortunately this cap method of doing highlights won´t be suitable. Why you ask? Well... it is just too painful pulling long hair though the cap. This method is perfect for straight short hair, also the best forhighlighting mens hair.

Things to consider when doing cap highlights is not to leave the cap on for too long with a product like bleach. Bleach can damage your hair and turn it into a ball of candyfloss and trust me trying to pull the cap off can be a major struggle. Usually the hair has to be cut if this happens.

Another major disaster avoiding tips is don´t make the bleach mixture too runny as it can seep through the little holes of the cap and make blotches.

Whatever you do, don´t try and clipper your hair afterwards if you are not happy with the results. The leopard spotted look is not in right now.

Blonde Highlights

How to Highlight Your Hair - Cap

You will need all the same objects as above in the tinting method. The only other two things you will need is a highlight cap and a styling hook. I would buy theL'Oreal Paris Frost and Design Highlights Kit, as it has all the stuff you are going to need including a toner rinse.

Start by placing the cap on your head and pulling through the strands of hair you want to highlight (use the plastic styling hook).

Mix up the color but as I said before make the sure the mixture is not runny enough to seep through the holes. Cover your hair with the color and closely monitor the the color of your hair.

Normally after 20 minutes you should rinse but it depends on the color you want to achieve. Remember the longer the bleach is on the whiter your hair will go.

Tin Foil Highlights

3) Tin Foil Blonde Highlights

You need a lot of practice doing this method, so it´s best to go to a profesional hair stylist.

There is just so much that can go wrong and if not done right it can look really messy.

What is so great with ding it this way is you canvary your colors.

You can hair one dark strand, one blonde or you can even do three different colors. Plus you can have big chunks of color as well, rather then doing strands.

What you going to need:

  • Quality blonde dye kit
  • Mixing bowl
  • Small plastic paint brush
  • Plastic board
  • Tin foil strips

How to Do Tin Foil Highlights - Blonde Highlights

Your are definitely going to need a friends help you out with this.

Start by sectioning the hair from the nape upwards, take a small section and weave through a strand. Place board with foil under the strand.

Brush paste on your blonde color, make sure your cover the entire strand. When applying the color you want to go as close to the scalp as possible without it running onto the actual skin.

Then simply fold the foil over so you cover the hair and then fold it over again to lock in place.

Move on to the next section or strand and do until you have done all the strands you wanted highlighted. Covering your hair with the foil can take time to get used to but once you know how its actually very easy.

Be careful that the bleach does not run or drip out of the tin foil. If it does dont panic, just get a dry white towel and wipe it off.

Tin Foil Highlights

Usually your foils will take about 20 minutes to and hour to lift in color.

It just depends on what percentage of peroxide you mix in with the bleach powder.

40% volume peroxide is very strong. A low volume peroxide is 10%, I usually use a 20% volume peroxide.

Always keep monitoring the time as you might take 2 hours to do a full head.

So... your first strand will be processing for two hours by the time you have finished the rest of your hair.

Rather rinse each section as you go along to avoid your hair coloring for too long. Always be aware of how long each foil has been processing for.

When its time to rinse, rinse quickly use a water spray bottle to rinse your hair and always dry your hair with a white towel. Don´t use a black towel or a colored towel as the leftover bleach will ruin it.

Don´t let the color run onto your clothes or in your eyes. This can really burn. If you do ever get color in your eyes rinse with cotton wool and milk.

After you have done your highlights and you are happy with your results a nice treatment would do your hair the world of good. You must remember that bleach can be very harsh on the hair, so you need to bring back what you have taken out.

Blonde Highlights

They are a lot of highlight kits you can get from your local supermarkets but it is so easy not to mix the bleach up correctly or not highlight your hair right.

You might be saving a few bucks but in the end land up paying a small fortune to fix your mistakes.

But if you don´t have the option I hope my tips will help you get a professional blonde highlight look.

Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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