Blonde Hairstyles

Are you looking for beautiful and easy-to-do blonde hairstyles? Check out these great deluxe blonde hairstyles. 

Try out these free styles whether you are a natural blonde or you have dyed your hair.

Blonde hair as you well know is very sexy, especially to men and I have finally figured out why.

This is only my theory but the reason why is that there are only a few real blondes on planet earth the rest are actually brunettes.

If you look at the world today Asia, Indians, South America and some European countries all generally have dark hair. Blonde would be the complete opposite to the general hair color.

Nothing wrong with that but we as humans once again always want what we cant have.

Most the woman from the Playboy Mansion have blonde hair. But quite lite blonde hair. Occasionally they will throw in a brunette but when you think of Playboy you always think of that striking blonde hairstyles.

Best Blonde Hairstyles

Check out these popular styles that have worked for celebrities. Which blonde style would suit you best?

Blonde Hairstyles

1) Short & Stylish

If you are looking for something different, why not go for a short look.

Make yourself look funky and fresh with this short hair look. Prove why blondes have the most fun.

This style is easy to manage and style for a night out of the town.

Use a little bit of either styling moose or hair gel to get the desired look.

This style looks great with highlighted hair.

Blonde Hairstyles

2) Long & Free Blonde

Have your hair beautifully highlighted and flowing freely with this summer look.

Blonde hair always looks great when it´s brushed straight.

This style will work well as an everyday look and when your out for the evening looking your best.

To mimic this blonde style, get your hair tin foil highlighted.

After washing, simple brush your hair straight and give your hair a few sprays of hair spray.

Deluxe Blonde

3) Smart & Sophisticated

This tied up style looks get for formal dos and if you want a sophisticated look for your next job interview.

I also recommend this blonde hairstyle for evening dinners!

This style always looks great with white bleached hair.

Get your stylist to help you with this style, as it can be a little tricky.

Your hair must be brushed straight and then tied up at the back.

Blonde Hair Style

4) Summer & Free

Great style for the summer time and having your hair moving freely makes it great for when you go out dancing.

Be sure to match this style up with a funky looking outfit and trendy ear rings.

To re-create this style, brush your hair straight but at the same time keep it messy looking.

Give it a few sprays of hair spray and you are ready to go.

Put your dancing shoes on and let´s go dancing!

Long Blonde Hairstyle

5) Long Blonde - Formal

This is a great look for prom night or even weddings. It has that formal feel but still looks stylish and young.

Make sure it is lovely and curly when it flows down your neck.

Be sure to match it up with a funky and new look dress.

You can either have your hair dyed completely blonde or have a few blonde highlights.

Either way both look great with this style.

6) Short & Sweet

If you prefer short hair and you looking for something cute and easy to manage. Then try a style like this!

Have it free and flowing with a few blonde highlights.

The perfect length for this style is your hair should fall just below your chin.

This length is ideal.

Not too short that you have a boyish look and not too long that your hair is difficult to manage.

7) Neat & Flowing

This is a real popular blonde hairstyle among young woman.

It never gets outdated and always looks great.

Look stylish on casual days and formal nights out with this style.

The key to hair do, is have your hair circle your face like an oval shape and not have your hair too long.

This style looks great with blonde bleached hair or even highlights!

short blonde hairstyles

8) Hot & Fierce Blonde

If you are going on a summer holiday and want something completely different, then this is the style for you.

Have your hair cut short, around about your chin area but have it shaggy looking.

This style looks great with strawberry blonde hair or even highlighted hair.

Best way to style once you get out the shower, towel dry your hair. Comb the hair straight with your fingers and give your hair a few sprays of hair spray to keep it in place.

Dyed Blonde Hairstyle

9) Funky & Striking - Blonde Hairstyles

If you are really looking to stand out from the crowd then try this style out! This is a great style for when you go out partying or a young formal function like prom night.

Give your blonde hair a short and flowing cut but add a bit of an exotic color to your hair.

Maybe a color that will match your outfit. Be daring and go for something like red or green.

Use a wash out color, then can be washed out easily.

Don´t add too much just a few strands of color.

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Famous Blondes - Blonde Hairstyles

Jean Harlow

1930s screen legend jean Harlow famously prompted society to associate platinum blonde hair with sultry sex appeal. She affected an air of cool sophistication which modern celebrities like Gwen Stefanie and Christina Aguilera have tried to emulate.

Marilyn Monroe

Iconic Bleach-blonde Marilyn Monroe gave rise to the term ‘dumb blonde’ when she took on the lovably ditzy persona, to comedic effect, in her most popular film roles during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Sexy, vulnerable, sassy and desirable this Hollywood legend remains the ultimate sex symbol.

Brigitte Bardot

In the late 1950’s, French actress, Brigitte Bardot’s explosive sexuality was unlike anything seen up until then. Her golden blonde hair, famously seductive pout and sensual feline qualities triggered the expression ‘ sex kitten’.

Dolly Parton

I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde. Country singer/song-writer, Dolly Parton, is the doyenne of big hair. Her monumental blonde wigs and bust are legendary, but under the make-up and bling is a shrewd, successful business woman.

Pamela Anderson

Genuine blonde, Pamela Anderson, took pimping her look to the extreme. This naturally fair-haired beauty opted for an unkempt, slutty, cartoonish cross-between-Brigitte Bardot-and dolly parton look. Sadly this spawned the fake boob-Barbie image many women still aspire to today.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s Greek ancestry endowed her with stunning dark hair which gave way to lighter locks for her role as Rachel in the 1990’s sitcom Friends. Since then the world has been obsessed with Jen’s hair which has become blonder and blonder over the years.

Beautiful Blonde

Blonde Hairstyles

What you want to do is have your blonde style long and flowing rather then being neat and tied down. Rather go for the shaggy and wild look.

Any shape face or any style cut can be done with a blonde color.

So... if you have a haircut that you have always liked then stick to it and just simple color your hair blonde.

Maybe go for a short syle that Sharon Stone used to have. Or... maybe try the different variations look that Lady Diana made famous. This style evolved it started off as a blonde bob and then went into the layered look.

The girls like Pamela Anderson and Patricia Lewis from South Africa are all going for the very glamorous look. These styles are normally achieved with natural hair extentions. This unfortunately can be very costly because they use real hair and it also takes a lot of time to fit and fuze to your hair.

If you are considering getting hair extensions, my advice will be to pay and go to a professional because the art of fitiing hair extentions can be really be an art when trying to make the style look natural.

Hair extentions when not cut right will give off a barbie doll effect and unless this is what you really looking for don´t have them fitted by you or a friend who think they can.

They can also tend to go very stringy and seperate from your natural hair. In other words one will be able to see that you have hair extentions and can look really cheap and quite odd.

Blonde hairstyles can look nice curly, straight or wavey. A scrunched look when on holiday looks great with blonde hair.

So whether your hair is up or down, long or short, curly or straight any style basically goes well on a blonde.

Why do they say blondes are dumb, there are even products like treatments called " Dumb Blonde' He he from the tigi range. Maybe us blondes are really the intelligent ones. Think about it!

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