"Blonde Hair Color Ideas"

Are you looking for the coolest blonde hair color ideas? Check out these blonde colors to give you a few crazy ideas before your next salon visit!

A while ago we all wanted to look natural, anything that looked natural but now there is, in this new day an age there's a huge colour explosion.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Hair Coloring

Blonde Colors

The latest hair color ideas are very funky! Purple, pinks, fire red heads, ash blonde, black and blue black!

Huge big chunky foils, flashes here and there!! Darkness with light and light with darkness.

There is no natural or normal anymore! Then again who wants to be normal anyway?

And... why should we be normal and natural when there is so much in color to choose from?

See what colors will suit you best and bring out your natural skin tone.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Hair Coloring

How do you go about selecting the right colors for you?

I'd say a lot depends on your age, personality, job description and clothing.

But be different and go the extra mile with your color ideas.

Try something new and daring! One could section the hair and do two different colors.

Dark underneath and light on top or vice versa.

This adds great contrast to your hair and makes it look like it has volume.

This is a great look, it gives contrast to your hair and makes it look vibrant.

Or your hair color can be all one stand out blonde color, red or roxy red is a hot choice at the moment. It is very striking, specially if you have blue eyes!

Blonde Colors

Blonde Hairstyle - Coloring Ideas

If you are looking for something a little less striking but interested at the same time you can go for the following options.

Why not go really really blonde?

Where there is light there is hope!

Maybe something like the Girls of the Playboy Mansion.

Which guy does not like that light blonde hair?

That is a color that will always stand out and will be suitable for everyday use.

Blondes have more fun but remember going blonde can be harsh on your scalp and your hair.

Please always do an allergy test before you apply hair dye to your scalp. Make sure your hair is in a reasonable condition before you start the chemical process.

More great options that I have always recommended to my clients are the chocolate browns and the different shades of violets. These always look great and you can have these shades at just about any age.

The different shades of reds, auburn and strawberry blonde are great options too. But if you want something just a bit more stand out then try Cherry Cola!

Why? Well... it is a red sort of brown and is so HOT right now, as Parys would put it!

Remember also to maintain your stunning new color, always use a shampoo and conditioner that aids in maintaining that vibrant look and keeps you looking AMAZING!!

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