"Blonde Curly Hair"

Blonde curly hair can be styled quick and easily. Check out these great free tips and techniques on how to get your blonde straight hair nice and curly. Change up your style to curly blonde hair.

There are quite a few ways to get your natural straight blonde straight hair curly. On this page you will find the top 3 ways to curl your hair right in the comfort of your own home.

Blonde Curly Hair

These methods are using a blow dryer or curling iron. I have have also included an older method using hair rollers.

Blonde Curly Hair

1) Blonde Curls Hair - Blow Dry

This is the easiest way to give your straight hair a few soft curls. You can blow dry it in soft curls this is difficult to do on your own or ask your hairstylist for a curly blow wave.

If you are planning on doing it at home, you will need:

  • Hair dryer
  • Round hair brush
  • Hair spray (preferably with heat protection)
  • Few hair clips
  • A helping friend (makes it a lot easier but not a must)

Start by brushing your hair straight, then section of a piece of hair from root to tip (5cm width). Then clip the rest of the hair so that the sectioned bit is free to work with.

Spray the bit that you will be working with a bit of hair spray. Place the brush underneath the hair and roll the hair around the brush right up to the tip.

Please the hair dryer on a high heat and blow the hair around the brush for about 40 seconds. Then put the dryer on a cool heat and blow the hair just to cool it down again.

Pull the brush out the hair but while you are doing this twist the brush so it curls the hair. Continue to do this until the brush falls out the hair completely.

Perfectly curled hair, repeat the whole process until all your hair is done. Once you have finished give your hair a few sprays of hair spray and you are ready to roll...

Curly Blonde Hair

2) Curling Iron - Curly Blonde Hair

Another new method to do the new modern american curl is either with a ghd or a curling iron.

There are special dvds out showing you how to produce this curl.

A small explenation would be take a strand of hair put the ghd on at the roots quite tight and pull it through twisting the ghd up side down.

Make sure you pull it quite tight and spray a protective solution on before hand. This will protect the hair from heat damage.

Ask your stylist to do a demonstration on curls with the ghd or a curling iron. There are also quite a few programs on TV demonstrating how they do curls with an iron or ghd.

3) Roller Curls - Blonde Curly Hair

I personally think on long blond hair a set with medium to large rollers can look great. Everyone thinks that using hair rollers is old fashioned but I was at a hair seminar recently where they used rollers and the hairstyles looked great!

Doing this at home you will need:

  • Hair dryer
  • Long tail comb
  • Hair spray
  • Hair clips
  • Velcro rollers (medium/big)

Start by brushing the hair and sectioning it off. Use the hair clips to clip away the hair so you can work freely with a section.

Once you have a 5 cm in width section, brush it from root to tip and spray it with hair spray. Roll in the roller, quite tightly right up the roots. Keep in place with a hair clip.

Repeat the process until your full all desired sections are done. Spray your entire hair with hair spray. Then blow dry you hair on a high heat for around 10 mintues.

Unravel the rollers and style your hair as desired. Beautiful soft curled hair.

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Blonde Curly Hair - Tips

  • Just brush curls when you are styling rather use your fingers seperate them and style. You are curling your hair it´s just to give it some body. It doesn´t have to be exact.
  • The straighter your hair is the harder it will be to do curls.
  • Use a good hair spray to keep your curls in place.
  • Never curl your hair if it´s raining or you think it will rain. If your hair gets wet your wasting your time.
  • With short hair use pin curls and finger waves. This will give you a stunning classy look.
  • The best way to keep naturally curly hair curly, is after you have washed your hair leave it to dry on it´s own. This will prevent it from frizzing and to keep in place apply a small amount of hair silicone.
Blonde Hair Curly

Other Curling Methods - Blonde Curly Hair

To get a very tight spiral curl you can also set in perm rollers or small rollers, These are quite small and produce quite tight curls.

If you want a permanent curl the best way to do it is to have a perm. The old fashioned perms used to leave the hair frizzy and the curls were very tight. They even had the very curly spiral perm which was really extreme.

Nowadays a perm with curling looks really great and subtle. If you are going on holiday and plan on swimming a lot then this method will work best. Just remember to keep it maintained and it will last a while.

There are perms that you can do with a larger roller to give you hair a softer look. Just be sure not to maintain it and it will also look good for a long period of time.

If your hair is naturally curly or has a slight kink, then get yourself a bit of gel or mousse. Take your hairdryer with a diffuser and give it a good old scrunch. This makes striking modern curls.

I hope these tips and techniques will help you the next time you decide to have blonde curly hair...

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