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So you are looking for the best shampoo? There are so many hair shampoos on the market, how do you know what's good and what's not? Let´s take a look at the best hair shampoos and generally good shampoos for your needs.

First thing you have to decide is what do you need from your shampoo? What I mean by that is are you looking for a general shampoo?

Best Hair Shampoo

Are you looking to get a thickening shampoo as you have fine hair.

Do you require a moisturizing shampoo as you suffer from dry hair?

These are factors you need to consider...

A good quality shampoo will usually cost a bit more than a super market shampoo as they contain certain ingredients.

All ranges have different functions like for dry hair or oily hair and for colored hair. Another popular one is for thinning hair.

Redken have a full range of special shampoos which all serve a different purpose for your hair.

Best Shampoos

Let's take a look at some of the better Shampoos:

1) Dry and Damaged Hair

Damaged hair caused by coloring and perms for instance, break down the natural keratin in the hair. This causes the hair to look dull and dry. So when looking for a shampoo, look for one that contains keratin to replenish your hair.

Option - Keratin Complex Keratin Care Shampoo

2) Oil & Greasy Hair - Best Shampoo

This can be caused by an over active oil-making gland. You want to be using a shampoo that is going to remove the oil but at the same time hydrate your hair and scalp.

Options - Redken Hair Cleansing Cream or Tisserand Tea Tree + Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Remember to really wash your scalp as this is where the oil is produced.

3) Fine Hair- Best Shampoo

Thinning hair can be a problem for many woman and men. By using a good hair thickening shampoo you can have healthy hair in no time. You want to use a shampoo that will give your hair volume. These shampoos are formulated to open the hair cuticle and treat the hair.

Option - Operation Glam Larger-than-life-shampoo

4) Color Safe Shampoo

You need a shampoo that is not going to strip your beautiful new color but rather enhance it and make it last longer. Always check the PH level of the shampoo, make sure it is not very acidic or alkaline.

Good shampoos for color treated hair will contain an oil color or algae to protect the color of the hair.

Options: Pureology serious color care or Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo.

5) Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is one of the biggest hair complaints for both men and woman.Today there are so many great shampoos that can help with this.

Options - Head and Shoulders or Garnier Fructis Fortifying Anit-Dandruff Shampoo.

Best Shampoo -General

Take into consideration these general tips when buying new shampoos.

  • If your scalp is on a acid level it's not good to use a shampoo that is too alkaline, this will cause you to get lots of scalp problems.
  • If you hair has been chemically treated with color or mechanically damaged from straightening irons or from hair dryers use a gentle shampoo.
  • If you can't afford expensive shampoos, look in the supermarkets for one that are PH balanced.
  • Sometimes a baby shampoo can be very harsh causing babies to get cradle cap. Moms will think that the scalp is dirty so they will wash the hair even more which causes an imbalance and the cradle cap gets worse so it's very important to use a good shampoo.

Best Shampoo - Links

Best Hair Shampoo - Check out these great shampoos that will help save your hair mishaps! "Oh Yes!" 

Hair Coloring Shampoo- The perfect inexpensive way to add some color to your fro!

Best Hair Loss Shampoo - Losing your hair can be devastating for both men and woman alike. Use a shampoo to slow down the process and thicken your hair.

Best Dandruff Shampoo - No more white flakes on the shoulders boys and girls. Give that head of yours a revamp!

Best Hair Shampoo - What to Buy

Okay, so you go to the supermarket and you see all the different kinds of shampoos and you really don’t know what is the best to use. It can be so confusing with all these different ranges of shampoos and conditioners.

There are shampoos for:

  • Dandruff
  • Oily scalp
  • Fine hair
  • Thick hair
  • Coarse hair
  • Curly hair
  • Colored hair
  • Dry hair
  • Sensitive scalps
  • Thinning hair
  • Color treated hair
  • Curly hair
  • Brazilian blow waved hair
  • Itchy scalps

You even get a cleansing cream shampoo which is designed to strip the hair of any oils. Even that stubborn oil, the thick black oil from a motor car.

I once had a client who was in a bad car accident and her hair landed flat bang into the thickest of thickest black car oil.

She tried everything to remove this from her hair and nothing took it out. she even tried dish washing liquid...

Best Shampoos Redken

I put the Redken cleansing cream shampoo in hair and emulsified it for 5 minutes. It broke down the oil particles in her hair and he oil came out. Needless to say she was so happy.

Another client had her last day at school where all the kids go mad and for some reason they decided to put oil and garlic in their hair. The crazy things people do.

Anyways we used the special cleansing cream shampoo once again, for some reason the garlic oil was much more difficult to remove than the thick black car oil. Even still she left the salon her hair was beautiful clean hair.

So what you really have to do is decide what you are personally looking for in a shampoo??? Say to yourself what type of hair do I have and what do I need to fix?

There are two ways your hair can be damaged, either it will be chemically damaged or machanical.

Chemical damage is from having too many tints or hair coloring treatments. I once went to a hair seminar and the hairstylist said sometimes he will get a client who comes in and their hair looks fried. Hair that is chemically damaged needs alot of tender loving care.

Mechanical damage comes from using hot irons or using the hair dryer too much. This is not as severe as chemical damage but it still needs good treatment.

Salon shampoos are more expensive than a supermarket shampoos but are better quality. You can get very good advice from your hairstylist, they will advise you on what’s the best shampoo for you to use.

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