"Best Hair Shampoo"

Are you looking for the best hair shampoo? We are all individuals and just like our other differences our hair is unique and requires certain needs. What is the best shampoo for you?

What do you do if you have oil in your hair and you just can't get it out. You have tried everything from sunlight soap to dish wash, nothing gets that hard sticky oil out the hair.

Well, there is something you can use. What I use is the Redken Hair Cleansing crème shampoo which is generally for all hair types and its clarifies the hair, helps remove mineral deposits and styling product build up.

Fortified with fruit acids which purifies and refreshes the hair.

Best Hair Shampoos

Good Hair Shampoo

For excess build up leave on for 5 or 10 minutes and if the oil is still not out the hair repeat the process.

One can also use this if you have naturally oily hair. This will take out your natural oils as well.

Use this shampoo to remove any products like hairspray that forms a thick build up.

I have a few clients that buy a really cheap hairspray from the super market which causes a sticky flakey mudge on the hair. The best way to remove it is to use the appropriate shampoo.

You wont believe that I had a client who even had garlic oil in her hair.

They had their last day at school and I think its was like a crushed garlic that was smudged onto her scalp.

The mother tried anything and everything to remove and my shampoo did the trick although even after thoroughly washing and washing , applying a treatment we could still smell the garlic .

Anyways, she left with this terrible garlic smell but no oil. I also once had a client as I have mentioned before on our site that had that thick black car oil which she tried all sort of things to remove, it was stuck in her hair (she had a bad car accident) and her hair landed up in the thickest of thickest dark black oil.

The nice thing about the cleansing cream is it emulsifies the oil and brakes down the particles. She was a very happy lady when she left the salon as it removed all the oil.

Another reason why the cleansing cream shampoo has become so popular is because now Redken have brought out a new product called Cromatics which is an ammonia free product but does contain oil in the actual coloring process which is for permanent color.

The shampooist at the basin can only remove the color that was applied with the special cleansing crème shampoo. The other problem is at home people love to do either an olive oil treatment or a baby oil treatment.

The only great difficulty from this is that one does more damage trying to remove the oil than by the actual oil treatment itself, so my advice is to stay away from putting oil in your hair.

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