"Ash Blonde Hair Color"

Are you looking for to get an ash blonde hair color? Ash hair color is one of the coolest hair tones.

Check out these free tips when choosing the best ash blonde hair products.

First thing you must remember is that ash blonde is a cool tone.

So... it might not suit everyone, so speak to your hairstylist to get more advice and suggestions.

They will know whether are not an ash blonde will suit you and give you the best options with regards to the tones you should opt for.

Choosing the right hair color is not an exact science...

Sometimes going against the rules gives off great results. But general guidelines should be taken into consideration when finding your ash color...

Ash blonde can be a difficult color to get right and this is even more critical when we are thinking of a drastic change like going blonde.

Ash Blonde Hair

First we will look my top ten favourite celebrities who are showing off their beautful ash blonde hair.

Then I will get into more about what an ash blonde hair color is and how you apply it to your style. Also, I have included a few top secret tips on how to keep the color for longer.

Top 10 Celebs - Ash Blonde Hair Color

If you are looking for a color that will suit you, have a look at these celebs and be inspired!

1) Sexy and vibrant, steal the show with this hot blonde look!

Ash Blonde nicole Kidman

2) Lushes and beautiful, a great everyday look...

Ash Blonde Hair Color

3) Young and fresh, a great look for summer.

Hayden Panettiere Ash Blonde Hair Color

4) Clean and bright, turn a few heads with this ash blonde color!

Ash Blonde Carrie Underwood

5) Sophisticated yet gorgeous, your perfect ash blonde!

Ash Blonde Hair Emma Stone

6) Keep yourself in style with this ashy color...

Ash Blonde Heidi Klum

7) If the color works, why change it?

Ash Blonde Hair Color Gwen Stefani

8) Bring out your naughty side with this blonde color!

Ash Blonde Hair Color Holly Madison

9) A subtle hot look you got to try!

Ash Blonde Reese Witherspoon

10) If blondes have more fun, then ash blondes are insatiable!

Ash Blonde Britney Spears

Ash Hair Color

What exactly is ash blonde hair color? Thinks of colors like grey, blue, violet, purple any shade that gives off an ash tinge.

These are all cool tones and the main reason for choosing an ash blonde color is if you don´t like golden colors like yellow or orange. In other words warm tones.

To give you an example of why you should go for the ash option is, let's say you have a reddish complexion or you are a natural red head, and you go for an ash color rather than the more used warm tones. You will have great contrast between your hair and your natural complexion.

If you are a natural blonde, I would also suggest trying out an ash blonde color. It looks great and is a perfect color for summer.

Always consult with your hairstylist before deciding if ash blonde will suit you.

What I usually do with my clients firstly is highlight their hair or give the hair a lift with a bleach dye. Then I will run a toner through the hair, leave it on for 5 - 20 minutes and finally rinse the hair.

You can even wrap the hair with glad wrap or put under the drier for 20 minutes while the toner is in. By doing this your ash blonde hair color will last a lot longer.

Be sure to check out blonde hair color ideas.

Ash Blonde Hair Color - Products

Ash Blonde Hair Color

Choosing the right toner is key to getting the right ash color.

The Redken range is my personal favorite. They have a great selection of products and colors to choose from.

I have been using them on my clients with great results.

There is a wide selection of shades to get your hands on: EQ Silk, Platinum Ice, Mojave, Creme Latte, Cafe Au Lait and Sesame. All giving off a lovely cool color.

The Platinum Ice when left on for the full 20 minutes gives off a lovely light purple color. Quite a popular choice at the moment!

So... think about how strong you want the ash tone to show, the longer you leave the toner on the more prominent the ash color will be.

Maybe start off subtle and work your way to a more prominent tone. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative I would recommend trying Jensen Violet, it´s that purple stuff you normally buy at the pharmacy. A couple of years ago this was all woman had to rinse there hair.

Use it if you are looking to set your hair but be very careful as it can give your hair an unwanted purple tinge if left in the hair for too long.

Jensen Violet works great when trying to get that awful yellow or orange tone out of your hair. Watch out though as it grabs blonde hair very quickly. Just by having it on your hair for just a minute can do wonders.

Another great product that you can use at home is the Blonde Glam Conditioner from Redken. Use this product if find your hair too yellow or orange.

How you apply it: firstly shampoo your hair twice. Then towel dry your hair and comb the Blonde Glam Color through your hair. Make sure you have gone from root to tip.

Leave it on for 5 or 10 minutes to work it's magic and then rinse. It is a great way to get that platinum blonde look.

Ash Blonde Hair Highlights

Ash Hair Color - Drawbacks

One thing to look out for with an ash blonde color is sometimes it can give oto give off a greenish tinge.

This will usually happen if you swim a lot in a pool that has been chemical treated. The hair absorbs the chemicals and develops a green tinge. Not nice!

The best way to get rid of this is do a color shampoo with a gold (warm color tone)  and not an ash color.

Another great alternative believe it or not is try rinsing your hair with tomato sauce! Something in the sauce has a way of combating the green color.

Chlorine unfortunately is always something to be weary of when you color hair blonde.

Another way of doing the trick is try mashing up a box of aspirins in water and make a paste. Then comb the paste through through the hair after your two shampoo washes. Leave the paste in for 5 to 10 minutes and then use a conditioner.

Another great tip for getting rid of any residue in the hair is try using the Cleansing Creme Shampoo from Redken.

I once had a client who had thick black oil from a car stuck in her hair because she was in a car accident. She tried everything possible to get the oil out and eventually landed up at my salon screaming HELP HELP!!

I put the Cleansing Creme Shampoo in her hair for 5 minutes. It took all the oil out without stripping or damaging her hair. It is a really great product and she was really pleased to say the least.

If you have any further questions about ash blonde hair color, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

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