New Hairstyles 2014

Looking for some hairstyling ideas? Tired of the same old look? Check out these new hairstyles 2014.

December 2014 - Classy Up Hairdo

New style December 2014

Great way to end a year of alluring hairstyles!

November 2014 - Beautiful Curls

New Hairstyle November 2014

Nothing beats stunning curly red hair.

September 2014 - Long Lush Locks

Hairstyle September 2014

Great style if you love your hair long

August 2014 - Modern Cheek

New style August 2014

Amazing look for you next formal event.

July 2014 - Short & Sexy

Hair July 2014

Short hair can be just as attractive a long hair.

June 2014 - Seduction

Hairstyle June 2014

Allure the male species!

May 2014 - City Sleek 

New Hairstyles 2014 May Woman

A perfect everyday classy sophisticated look!

April 2014 - Classic Beauty

New Hairstyles 2014 Woman

Try out this style for your next formal outing and turn a few heads...

March 2014 - Bun with Style

New Hairstyles 2014

A great look for a formal evening or just an everyday event...

February 2014 - Short & Slick

New Hairstyle 2014 Men

Perfect style for men who like short hair!

January 2014 - Sleek Contrast 

New Hairstyles January 2014

Create that new look with a contrasted two tone style!

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