1960s Hairstyles

Are you looking for the best retro 60s hairstyle? 1960s Hairstyles had something special and unique about them. Are the famous 60s hairstyles back in fashion?

What made the retro hairstyles so awesome and stunning in the sixties was the stiff teasing and the massive heights!

The swing 60s has some over the top and in your face but that's what we love about them!!

Let's jump in the time machine and take a look back at some of these truly unique styles...

1960's Hairstyles

60s Hairstyles

Back then everything was fun and meant to cause a statement.

Hairstyles were no different they had to go with the amusing outfits people used to wear.

The over exaggerated bee hive styles, the infamous smooth buns and not to mention the Chignon.

It seemed huge and playful was the name of the game! 

The famous 1960's hairstyles look as though they will always be fashionable.

1960s Hairstyles

60s Hairstyles

Nowadays we seemed more reserved, we tend to comb our hair back and go for a more subtle look.

But in those days we teased and teased!

It was almost as though we were trying to make a big statement with our appearance. 

Look at the major influences at that time like Mia Farrow and Twiggy. They opted for their new age Pixie Haircuts.

This style just keeps coming back into fashion, just look at Miss Emma Watson's and her recent lavish red carpet looks.

Who else played a role?

The Beatles - They had a major influence on the youth in the 60s with their mop-top hair cut’s.

When people asked George Harrison where he got his style from, he answered that he would go for a swim in the local swimming baths and would just leave his hair to dry. That was his style and you can't tell me you haven't seen the young men of today pulling the same trick?

The hippie movement towards the end of the decade made a strong influence on the hair and clothing trends.

This subculture began in the USA during the early 1960’s and spread around the world. It all started off with the youth and music played a major part.

1960s Hairstyles

1960s Hairstyles - Be Natural

Woman’s hair was grown long and wild and left in its own curl or frizz. Who could forget the trendy 60s bob...

Hair went with what was in fashion at the time. Bell bottom jeans and animal prints were the must have clothes. 

Woman wore false eye lashes together with their teased up styles and exaggerated thickness making everything look big.

Today we still wear have the beehive or the bob but just modified versions.

The bikini came into fashion in 1963 after being featured in the film called the Beach Party. Mary Quant invented the mini skirt which became the rage in the 1960’s.

African American hairstyles for men and woman included the afro style. Men’s side burns were longer and facial hair like beards were also the trend.

A lot of today’s are just a modern version of the 60’s in my opinion but just not as exaggerated.

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